Shepherd Peg Dolls Set


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PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PREORDER LISTING for the shepherd peg dolls. ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED by 1st class ON 14th DECEMBER 2020

This pair of Shepherd peg dolls are a beautiful extension to your core set consisting of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

Many of my customers are beginning a tradition of buying a new Doli Dwt for their nativity set each year. They are building their pieces gradually to make a beautiful heirloom decoration to be enjoyed for years to come.

Created in my cute and simple style, each piece has been hand drawn, hand burned, hand coloured and hand sealed individually.  Therefore, each set has taken days to complete. They are truly filled with the love and joy that the Christmas season brings.

The adult shepherd peg doll is wearing a brown cloak over a red striped robe. He is wearing a headdress and has a shepherds’ crook to help his protect his flock. The child shepherd is wearing a simple green smock and brown waistcoat, and is gently carrying a tiny lamb to give to baby Jesus.

The adult shepherd is approximately 9cm tall, whilst his young assistant is approximately 6cm in height.

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