Peg Dolls ~ Caturday

If you’re a cat lover, like me, you’re in for a peg dolls treat today!

There’s a few reasons for this post, the first being that this week has marked both the UK’s  Cat Protection National Black Cat day, and US’s National Cat Day.

Secondly (and most excitedly), we welcomed a brand new furry friend into our household yesterday. We already have two beautiful cats, but when we saw a call for an indoor home for a special little cat who is deaf, we couldn’t resist adopting her.

Here she is, little Pearl. She was given her name by the Cat Sanctuary, but I thought it suited her perfectly. Well, that and the fact that the only alternatives Mr T could come up with were Whitefang and Wolfie *rolls eyes*.

Cute white kitten on Caturday

She is just 8 weeks old and very confident. She helped herself to our others cats food without a second glance within minutes of being home.  Hoovering was interesting this morning too! I’m used to the cats scarpering at the sound and hiding under the beds until I’ve finished. But to little Pearl the vacuuming was just one big game and she loved chasing it around and around! I guess if you can’t hear it, it’s not scary! She is an absolute doll and has completely won our hearts already. She’s going to be a big fan of the peg dolls too….if sitting on a box of them is anything to go by….

CUte white kitten plays with pegdolls on national cat day

Finally, one of my favourite Instagram hashtags is quickly becoming #Caturday every Saturday. What better way to spend an extra five minutes in bed on the weekend than looking at cute cat pictures? And as today is Caturday, I’m going to indulge in a few of my own, wooden Caturday pictures with you.

peg dolls for cat lovers

These furry friends formed part of a VERY exciting peg dolls wedding cake topper which I will be excited to share soon:

peg doll cats wearing collars

Cats vs Dog……

peg dolls cats and dog

peg doll girl with her cat and kitten

I recreated a beautiful Siamese and British Blue for this special peg doll gift set.

british blue cat and siamese cat peg dolls

And a good old Black and white moggy.

peg doll gift for cat lovers

You can keep your eye out for more cat peg doll creations in our gallery here!

Happy Caturday folks!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll peg dolls UK handmade gifts

Valentines Gift Pegdolls Couple

Just a short and sweet post to share a recent commission for a Valentines gift pegdolls couple.

However, I found out that things didn’t quite go to plan when I received an email from my lovely customer Amy….

“Thanks so much!!!! The peg dolls are gorgeous and I love them! I couldn’t resist waiting for Valentines Day, so they are on the mantle piece now!!! Thank you, you are so clever!”

It was a bit naughty to give them early, but nice for her lucky husband, Lee! We like naughty but nice here at Pink Elephant Crafts!!

personalised Valentines gift pegdolls couple

How pretty is that little dress and cardigan combination? Red is, of course, always the perfect choice for Valentines day!

If you’d like your own personalised peg dolls as a gift for someone, get in touch using the contact form on this website. Alternatively, drop me an email at  My peg dolls really do make ideal gifts for any occassion. These dolls here were Valentines gift pegdolls, but they can be given for weddings, birthdays, leaving presents, thank you presents…the list goes on and on. I love chatting over email with my customers about their ideas and bringing them to life.

Mr T (aka Mr Pink Elephant Crafts) and I spent Valentines day watching movies on our “big screen” via our home projector – our favourite way to chill out at home together.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t kind enough to let me indulge in any of the traditional romantic films that would have been fitting for the day. He insisted that we had a horror fest instead! I get the feeling it was all part of a cunning plan to get me to snuggle up a bit closer on the sofa!

What’s your favourite way to spend Valentines day? Let me know in the comments !

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg dolls UK handmade gifts

Peg Dolls on Tour

The peg dolls have a mind of their own! 

Mr T and I have returned from a lovely, relaxing fortnight in the sun celebrating our second wedding anniversary. Little did we know until we returned to the UK that we had not been holidaying alone. It seems we had a couple of pesky peg dolls in our midst!

Not content with tagging along for the journey, they amused themselves by documenting their adventure through selfies which they posted on our Instagram feed! The cheek of it!

They have been lazing around the pool and drinking cocktails. Moonlit beach walks and possibly even a whirl on the jet skis. I’d put nothing past them now!
peg dolls UK handmade gift

peg dolls uk handmade gift

We knew that our peg dolls are full of character, but had no idea just how much!

We had a great time away, and are now well rested and recharged to begin creating more lovely peg dolls for you.

Our order book is open again for custom orders, please get in touch using the contact form or by emailing  We are already taking booking for Christmas gifts. Turn around is currently about 5 weeks but slots are filling fast. To avoid disappointment please book in plenty of time!

Cwtches ♥ Mawr,


Made in Wales ♥

We’re not fibbing when we say that our peg dolls and handmade gifts are crafted in one of the most beautiful places in the UK you know! With our little home studio just a hop, skip and jump from the Gower in Wales, we really are spoilt with all the inspiration we can draw from the natural beauty on our doorstep.

Yesterday, to celebrate the bank holiday weekend and make the most of the glorious British sunshine (while it lasts!), Mr T and I took a cliff-top stroll from sweet Bracelet Bay in Mumbles, around to Langland Bay; famed for it’s white and green beach huts and.

I think the fact that your custom, personalised peg dolls and hoop art gifts are made in an area of the UK which is classed as being of outstanding natural beauty just makes them that extra bit special, but being a Welsh girl I may be slightly biased 😉

See for yourself…..
custom personalised peg doll gifts wales Uk


Wishing you a super bank holiday weekend wherever you are in the UK and whatever you are up to!

Cariad ♥ Mawr,