Peg Dolls – Personalised Spoon Topper Doll

Well, Easter is over and we’re slowly all getting back to normal. For me, that means getting back at my desk, and creating lots of my lovely personalised peg doll families for my lovely customers. I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s May already. I feel like I only just got over Christmas! However, the steady influx of wedding cake topper orders and graduation peg dolls keeps reminding me that we are definitely heading towards the Summer months now.

Easter was a a fun time for creating though! I loved making my Easter Bunny Peg Dolls and my giveaway was well received!

I also had great pleasure in making a couple of lovely spoon dolls as Easter Gifts.

The first one was created for the lovely Sharon of Daisy Lions

Peg doll spoon topper Easter Gift

Sharon is a highly talented textiles artist, and I love the gorgeous little birds she makes; which were perfect for hanging from my Easter Tree.

Daisy Lions Tiny birds

Another Spoon Doll request was from a very proud Mum who wanted a special Easter gift to congratulate her son on his prestigious Chef apprenticeship. She sent me some images of his Chef whites, cap and trousers for me to work from. I endeavored to include as much detail as possible, despite the tiny size of the peg doll.

Peg Doll spoon topper Easter gift for chef

She reported back that they both loved the peg doll spoon, and that her son was impressed by the detail.

Chef with personalised peg doll spoon topper

Perhaps a peg doll spoon would make an ideal Father’s Day gift for the Foodie Fella in your life! Get in touch if you’d like me to create one for you. They are just £10 plus p&p.

Father’s Day 2017 is on Sunday June 18th, so now is the time to drop me a line if you’d like any of our peg doll gifts for Dad or Grandad.

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peg doll family

Superhero Peg Dolls

On this day in 1936, the world was introduced to its first tights-wearing, skin-tight costume-clad superhero. No, not Superman. Not Batman. Or Spiderman.

The purple-clothed Phantom was from the imagination of comic strip creator Lee Falk and the first character of this kind to wear a costume to mask his true identity. Falk’s pioneering character set the dress code for the leagues of lycra-loving heroes and masked mystery men that have followed and entertained us ever since.

My husband is a massive superhero fan, and as I’m sure you know by now, I’m a tad partial to creating peg dolls. So I LOVE it when our two interests collide and we get to create superhero peg dolls!

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to be asked to make a couple of peg dolls that revealed the recipients’ inner superheroes as a special birthday gift! What an amazing project to be able to undertake!

Superman and Wonder Woman costumes were the order of the day, hidden under their suits.
superhero peg dolls fathers day gifts

“Superman” as his sister lovingly referred to him, had to of course be wearing a sharp navy suit.

superhero peg doll gift for men

Meanwhile, the other peg doll was wearing a stylish grey herringbone suit.

superhero peg doll gift for groom

Needless to say, I really enjoyed creating the texture on the jacket and trousers.

superhero peg doll in suit

Of course, no superhero is complete without a trusty sidekick. So to complete the set I created Dexter, their adorable little dog.

superhero peg dolls set

These would also make the perfect Father’s Day present for your Super Dad! Father’s day this year in the UK is on June 18th. Plenty of time to place an order!

Incidentally, these are not the first superhero peg dolls portraits that I’ve been asked to make. Have a look through my gallery for more! 

There is certainly a bit of superhero in us all!  Contact me if you want to immortalise your inner hero or alter ego as a superhero peg doll!

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Peg Dolls ~ Onesie Wearing!

My lovely customer Karen contacted me with a special personalised peg doll commission in mind. It was her daughters’ 18th birthday, so she wanted a unique and personal present to mark this landmark occasion that she could treasure.

She had seen my peg dolls on my facebook page, and decided that they fitted the bill perfectly!

As with all my customers, I sent her my guide to photos to work from. Originally she had thought it would be nice to have the peg doll dressed in the outfit her daughter wore to her party. But as this was a  little black dress she decided that something more colourful would be needed. Karen spent a couple of days wracking her brain – when bingo! She realised that her daughter loved spending time relaxing in her onesie (who doesn’t?!). When I received her photos of the boldly patterned outfit, I couldn’t wait to start recreating it on her personalised peg doll.

personalised peg doll wearing pyjamas

The bright red colour was so lovely to work with. The bold stars and stripes pattern was a lot of fun to recreate too!

personalised peg doll wearing a onesie

Maybe I felt especially excited about making this peg doll as I tend to wear pyjama bottoms and jumpers when I work! Nothing beats the comfort of a soft, fleecy pair of pyjamas in my book. You have to be comfortable if you want to be creative!

peg doll birthday gift

Karen and her daughter were both really pleased with her peg doll gift, and kindly sent me this picture which they were happy for me to share 🙂

birthday girl recieves her personalised peg doll

This goes to show that anything goes when it comes to peg dolls! I am happy to personalise your dolls in any outfit you like . Jeans and jumpers, wedding dresses or pyjamas….your wish is my creative command! Simply get in touch using the contact form.

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peg dolls UK handmade gifts

Peg Dolls ~ Backpacker Peg Doll

Do you remember when our little peg dolls stowed away in my luggage for a sneaky Summer Holiday?

It appears peg dolls do indeed have the travel bug….as this backpacker peg doll shows!

backpacker peg doll

She was commissioned as a very special cake topper by a gentleman who, although a seasoned globe trotter,  had never purchased anything on the internet! I was quite honored to have inspired his first online purchase! It was completed and sent out to him in time to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday whilst on their travels. As with all dolls requested as a cake topper, she was drilled and provided with a removable rod to help secure on top of the birthday cake.

As always, I worked from photos sent to me by the customer. The backpacker details included sunglasses on the head and a camera bag slung around her shoulder.

Backpacker peg doll with camera bag

My customer wanted to include the trusty purple backpack that his girlfriend hauls her belongings in on their travels. I didn’t have a specific photo to work from for it so had a bit of artistic license to play with. I always love including personal details like this that make each of my peg dolls truly unique to their recipient.

Backpacker peg dolls with rucksack

With all the icy wind and rain we have had here over the last few weeks, working on this little doll sparked several day dreams about exploring new places and lazy days in sunnier climes. I had a peep at the Top 10 Backpacking Destinations for this year. Interestingly, despite moaning about the cold weather here, it was Iceland that would be top of my list to visit!

Are you planning on spending a little time as a backpacker? Where will you go, and what will you pack into your tiny back pack? Happy daydreaming!

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peg dolls UK handmade gifts

Family custom peg dolls birthday gift

Peg Dolls Family Birthday Gift

Peg doll family personalised birthday gift

I was recently asked to create a Peg doll family by a lovely, talented local jewellery maker  to celebrate her friends’ 40th birthday. This was a super set to make, with lots of lovely detail to work on.

This Peg doll family are certainly super cool and chic! The boy peg doll had to look smart in shirt and trousers. He also has the loveliest thick hair with a floppy fringe.  His sister had the prettiest navy trousers with pink and turquoise flowers that I just couldn’t wait to “peg-dollify”!

Peg doll family

In one of the photos I was sent to work from, Mum was wearing a beautiful little summer dress with the most gorgeous patterns and details that I adored recreating . As you may already know, I love pattern! Therefore this one was a dream for me to work on. Sunglasses were also the order of the day. Apparently Mum never goes anywhere without them!

This is a fab little peg doll family set that I really enjoyed working on. Hopefully they are being  loved and treasured by their new owner. After the hours of work that go in to them, I really get attached to each of the little peg dolls that I make. I was, as always, sad to see this happy little family go!

In other news, my order book is currently closed while I work on Christmas stock. I’m very busy working towards our Christmas Fayre we are attending in November. However I do operate a Waiting List that customers can be placed on until slots are opened up.

My order books is reopening in November with limited slots for orders to be completed in time for Christmas on a first come, first served basis. of course, Waiting List customers Will have priority. So If you’d like to be added to the Waiting List or would like more details about making a custom order, please drop me an email for a chat.

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