Grandparents and Grandchildren Personalised Peg Doll Set

Every personalised peg doll commission I make has a special occasion or meaning attached to them for my lovely customers. Therefore, I feel humbled to be asked to create such special gifts.

This particular set was a birthday gift comprising  the grandparents with their little grandchildren. It was such an honour to be able to look through and work from their pictures, which showed the love and special bond the four share.

personalised peg doll family

Of course, the two tiny little peg dolls representing the gorgeous little grandsons steal the show! The elder toddler is wearing a rugby style jersey, while his tiny 2.5cm baby brother is wrapped in the lovely Timbuktale blanket from Mamas and Papas.

personalised child peg doll

Grandma is wearing a lovely cornflower blue scarf with a purple paisley pattern at each end.

Personalised peg doll family

Her white linen top also has a lovely lace detail down each of the sleeves.

Personalised peg doll

Grandpa is wearing a stripey jersey top similar to his grandson.  The three stripey boys certainly look the part all together!

Personalised peg doll family

Personalised peg doll

My lovely customer sent me such lovely feedback once her sister had received her special gift. She informed me that they are truly treasured and that the family consider them as an heirloom. It’s always so lovely to hear that they bring as much joy to someone as I have creating them 🙂

If you’d like to bring a little joy to someone special with one of my personalised peg doll sets, have a little look here for some more information about commissions, or drop me a line using the contact form.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Peg Doll Family Giant Commission

I love receiving a commission for a new peg doll family, and this special order was quite exceptional!

A spectacular 16 dolls (including two beloved dogs) were to make up the biggest commission I had made to date.

peg doll family portrait

The giant set was going to be given as a very special gift to the two central members of the family: Mum and Dad.

personalised peg dolls

I was sent plenty of photos to work from, and it was fun setting the individual dolls up into little individual sub-families for photos when they were complete!

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

I totally love how each little mini peg doll family came together to create the entire clan!

personalised peg doll family with dog

It’s hard to pick out in the picture, but this lovely lady’s jacket has a fine ribbed appearance. She also has a silver necklace. The gentlemans’ colourful belt was also very special to him. It’s little details like this that I especially love adding to each of my custom peg dolls! It makes them truly unique and guarantees they will be treasured.

custom peg doll couple

Let’s hear it for the boys!

custom peg dolls, brother peg dolls

Here come the girls!

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

All the cousins together:

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

Of course, if you’d like to find out about me creating your own customised peg doll family for you, have a look at our peg doll information page, or get in touch using our contact form.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Peg Doll Wedding Cake Topper: From Across the Miles

I love receiving emails asking me if it would be possible to make a Peg Doll Wedding Cake topper. It is truly lovely to be involved in someones special day in a little way.

So imagine my delight when an email from the other side of the world asked if I could do just that! a peg doll wedding cake topper set of five peg dolls, for a beautiful family in Hong Kong who would be returning to Wales for their Wedding, was required.

peg doll wedding cake topper

My lovely customer Asher was thrilled with the finished results. In fact, she sent me these pictures of the cake toppers on their gorgeous cake. My goodness it makes my mouth water just looking at that. I am indeed a bit of a buttercream fan!!

peg doll wedding cake topper

Of course, Asher sent me lots and lots of photos to work from so that I had a good idea of how they would look on the day. Her amazing dress was an absolute joy to recreate. The bodice had a contrasting lace pattern to the arms, which was such a fun detail to work on. The satin sash called for my very special pearlescent finish, which is reserved for very special occassions!

bride peg doll

The groom was to wear a smart navy suit, with a lovely shot of colour in the form of his yellow tie! The bouquet is a posy of gorgeous wild flowers, hand tied with lace.

peg doll wedding cake topper

The three beautiful little bridesmaids played an important part in the cake topper arrangement. Simple, elegant matching dresses, and beautiful rustic bouquets for the eldest two girls.

peg doll wedding cake topper

They look so pretty together.  Just lovely  – or “hyfred” as we say here in Wales.

peg doll wedding cake topper

And a moment of quiet admiration for that heavenly cake again!

peg doll wedding cake topper

As always, we welcome enquiries for personalised Peg Doll Wedding Cake toppers and currently have availability for July 2017 onward. However MY ORDER BOOKS ARE BUSY AND TURN OVER IS AROUND 6 WEEKS. with this in mind, Please be sure to enquire in plenty of time so to avoid disappointment.

Additionally, for more information see our dedicated Peg Doll Wedding Cake Topper page.

Finally, if you’re a Bride to Be, and haven’t said “yes to the dress,” you must check out the styles from Bridal Fashion Week. Brides.Com have comprehensive coverage of their favourites for 2018. It will be interesting to see what filters through for real world brides. There’s a few interesting looks! High-necked styles, and pale blue and particularly BLACK are tipped as gown colours we could be seeing at Weddings near us soon! I wonder if I’ll have any requests for peg doll wedding cake toppers in black wedding dresses as a result?!  We will see, I’m sure!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Peg Dolls ~ Onesie Wearing!

My lovely customer Karen contacted me with a special personalised peg doll commission in mind. It was her daughters’ 18th birthday, so she wanted a unique and personal present to mark this landmark occasion that she could treasure.

She had seen my peg dolls on my facebook page, and decided that they fitted the bill perfectly!

As with all my customers, I sent her my guide to photos to work from. Originally she had thought it would be nice to have the peg doll dressed in the outfit her daughter wore to her party. But as this was a  little black dress she decided that something more colourful would be needed. Karen spent a couple of days wracking her brain – when bingo! She realised that her daughter loved spending time relaxing in her onesie (who doesn’t?!). When I received her photos of the boldly patterned outfit, I couldn’t wait to start recreating it on her personalised peg doll.

personalised peg doll wearing pyjamas

The bright red colour was so lovely to work with. The bold stars and stripes pattern was a lot of fun to recreate too!

personalised peg doll wearing a onesie

Maybe I felt especially excited about making this peg doll as I tend to wear pyjama bottoms and jumpers when I work! Nothing beats the comfort of a soft, fleecy pair of pyjamas in my book. You have to be comfortable if you want to be creative!

peg doll birthday gift

Karen and her daughter were both really pleased with her peg doll gift, and kindly sent me this picture which they were happy for me to share 🙂

birthday girl recieves her personalised peg doll

This goes to show that anything goes when it comes to peg dolls! I am happy to personalise your dolls in any outfit you like . Jeans and jumpers, wedding dresses or pyjamas….your wish is my creative command! Simply get in touch using the contact form.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg dolls UK handmade gifts

Peg Doll Family ~ Party of Five

I was asked if I could create a Peg doll family of five as a Christmas gift; and also create duplicates of the children to be given to both sets of grandparents!

I knew that creating such a large peg doll family would be no mean feat.  But it was a challenge I was very excited about!

After lots of discussion with my customer, we found the perfect photographs for me to work from.  I therefore set about creating his mini army of peg dolls in time for Christmas!

peg doll family

Checked shirts were the order of the day for the guys, and I loved creating the intricate patterns. however Florals was the theme for the girls – always one of my favourite things to recreate on the peg dolls!

Mum was wearing a gorgeous, floor-length black dress which had huge poppies placed around it. The girls had pretty dresses which included frills, polkadots and flowers, so it was Pattern Heaven for yours truly!

peg dolls uk

Green and blue is always a favourite colour combination of mine. I loved making the little polka dot details along the ruffled neckline.

peg doll girls

Initially, I was a bit nervous of the amount of black on the dress of the Mum peg doll. Black is my least favourite colour to use on peg dolls over large areas. Black coloured pencil can look dull and scratchy on the wood.  But I needn’t have been worried. Set against the bright fuscia cardigan, and the bold giant floral images, it worked out beautifully. The flashes of white on the cardigan and leaves also helped to lift the overall effect.  I am really pleased with the end result.

peg doll mother and daughter set

Phil took the time to leave a comment on our Facebook page, letting me know that the gifts went down even better than he had hoped they would. A little piece of my heart and soul goes into each of the dolls whilst I spend hours working on them, so it’s always good to know that they are well-received by their new families!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr