Grandparents Day

Did you know that this Sunday, October 1st, is National Grandparents Day?  It was introduced by Age UK in 1990, to of course honour the wonderful Grannies and Granddads in our lives.

I know that my late Nanny and Grandpa played a huge part in my life growing up. Due to their creativity,  I feel they inspired much of my interest in arts and crafts when I was young. They were always working on their lovely garden, and my grandpa loved telling my about the correspondence art course he took when he was young. I remember him showing me how to use shading to make drawings look realistic. My grandmother always had a project on the go. From embroidery, crochet and knitting, to gem stone trees and paper quilling, she’d always have something creative on her lap, every day. Of course I always wanted a go and she was always happy to indulge me. Maybe without their inspiration, Pink Elephant Crafts and my little wooden peg dolls would not be here as a result today!

How do you honour your Grandparents and show them how much you love and appreciate them? AS can be seen here, Lots of my lovely customers are choosing to show them by giving them a gift as lovely and truly as unique as they are….. My peg dolls! 

Grandparents Day Peg Dolls, granddad present, grandpa peg doll

grandparents day peg dolls

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Grandparents Day Peg Dolls, granddad present, grandpa peg doll

peg doll grandparents, grandparents day peg dolls, grandparents day

peg dolls grandma and grandpa, peg doll grandparents, grandparents day peg dolls, grandparents day

I’ve also previously written a blog post about this lovely Grandparents Peg Doll set that included the grandchildren too.

You can find out more about Age UK, GrandParents Day and support the excellent work they do on their website.

 Can I create some Grandparents Day Peg Dolls for that special couple who loved and inspired you growing up? As always, find out more about what the personalised peg doll process entails on our information page here.

In loving memory of my very own Nanny and Grandpa, who although I miss greatly continue to inspire me every day.

Grandparents Day

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Grandparents and Grandchildren Personalised Peg Doll Set

Every personalised peg doll commission I make has a special occasion or meaning attached to them for my lovely customers. Therefore, I feel humbled to be asked to create such special gifts.

This particular set was a birthday gift comprising  the grandparents with their little grandchildren. It was such an honour to be able to look through and work from their pictures, which showed the love and special bond the four share.

personalised peg doll family

Of course, the two tiny little peg dolls representing the gorgeous little grandsons steal the show! The elder toddler is wearing a rugby style jersey, while his tiny 2.5cm baby brother is wrapped in the lovely Timbuktale blanket from Mamas and Papas.

personalised child peg doll

Grandma is wearing a lovely cornflower blue scarf with a purple paisley pattern at each end.

Personalised peg doll family

Her white linen top also has a lovely lace detail down each of the sleeves.

Personalised peg doll

Grandpa is wearing a stripey jersey top similar to his grandson.  The three stripey boys certainly look the part all together!

Personalised peg doll family

Personalised peg doll

My lovely customer sent me such lovely feedback once her sister had received her special gift. She informed me that they are truly treasured and that the family consider them as an heirloom. It’s always so lovely to hear that they bring as much joy to someone as I have creating them 🙂

If you’d like to bring a little joy to someone special with one of my personalised peg doll sets, have a little look here for some more information about commissions, or drop me a line using the contact form.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Game of Thrones Wedding Cake Toppers

I’m pretty certain that Game of Thrones needs no introduction! The show, based on the George RR Martin Song of Ice and Fire novels, has had us gripped since it first aired in 2011. Who doesn’t love a bit of kings, queens and dragons escapism every once in a while?

So it was only a matter of time before I was contacted to create some Game of Thrones Wedding Cake Toppers!

With just a few days left until Season 7, now seems the perfect time to share  them with you.

Nadine and Richard are huge fans of the show. While their wedding was going to be a traditional ceremony during the day, the evening was to take a bit of a fantastical twist. Nadine was changing into a replica Khaleesi dress, while her new husband would be sporting a suit of armour.

The couples’ two beloved cats were to feature on the cake too!
game of thrones wedding cake toppers, GOT, wooden peg dolls. cake topper, custom peg dolls,

The Khaleesi dress was SO much fun to recreate!  I love having the opportunity to break out my specialised finishes! I used some gorgeous metallic gold here to pick out the details on her chain metal belt.

khaleesi doll, khaleesi, game of thrones wedding cake topper, game of thrones, GOT

The lengths of sheer fabric hanging from her shoulders down her back called for some of my pearlised top coat. Lovely! I love working on little details like this. The back of each of my peg dolls receive just as much attention as the front.

khaleesi doll, khaleesi, game of thrones wedding cake topper

Nick’s outfit was just as fun to customise. They requested a specific coat of arms to reflect his family name. It might just be some of the tiniest details I’ve had to create to date!

suit of armour peg doll, knight peg doll, game of thrones wedding cake topper

Of course, the finished cake looked fantastic! It was created for them by Jenny Cooper of Coop Cakes. My  Game of Thrones wedding cake toppers perfectly matched the tiers’ themes of winter and of cogs, which are the iconic feature of the opening credits of the show.

game of thrones wedding cake topper, Game of thrones wedding cake

And because all love cake, here’s another shot! 🙂

game of thrones wedding cake topper, Game of thrones wedding cake

So if you are considering ordering a bespoke Wedding Cake Topper from me, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box like Nick and Nadine. Your dolls will be completely customised to your ideas and specifications. Therefore they could be wearing any outfits or reflect any interests you can think of!

For more details about our custom cake toppers see our Wedding Toppers information page. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form at the top of the website if you have any questions!

game of thrones wedding cake toppers, custom peg dolls, cake topper

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

peg doll family

Peg Doll Family Giant Commission

I love receiving a commission for a new peg doll family, and this special order was quite exceptional!

A spectacular 16 dolls (including two beloved dogs) were to make up the biggest commission I had made to date.

peg doll family portrait

The giant set was going to be given as a very special gift to the two central members of the family: Mum and Dad.

personalised peg dolls

I was sent plenty of photos to work from, and it was fun setting the individual dolls up into little individual sub-families for photos when they were complete!

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

I totally love how each little mini peg doll family came together to create the entire clan!

personalised peg doll family with dog

It’s hard to pick out in the picture, but this lovely lady’s jacket has a fine ribbed appearance. She also has a silver necklace. The gentlemans’ colourful belt was also very special to him. It’s little details like this that I especially love adding to each of my custom peg dolls! It makes them truly unique and guarantees they will be treasured.

custom peg doll couple

Let’s hear it for the boys!

custom peg dolls, brother peg dolls

Here come the girls!

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

All the cousins together:

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

Of course, if you’d like to find out about me creating your own customised peg doll family for you, have a look at our peg doll information page, or get in touch using our contact form.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Making Cake Toppers for a Top Cake Maker

One of my favourite things to make are always requests for personalised peg doll wedding cake toppers. I may just have mentioned it once or twice before! I love playing a tiny part in a couple’s special day, working with them to bring their ideas to life.

Quite often there are lots of special, sentimental details to include, and I love finding out the stories behind them. Often, I get to see the Bride’s dress before most other people, and I feel like the keeper of many special, beautiful secrets!

However, one day an email landed in my inbox which was a bit different. It was a request for a bride and groom cake topper, but it wasn’t from a bride-to-be. There were no dress or hairstyle pictures.

But, there was the same level of excitement from my potential customer!

The email was, infact, from a lovely Baker called Michele, who runs Icing on the Cake in Somerset. She had an idea in her mind for a cake that she wished to showcase at Wedding Fayres, and it required peg doll cake toppers. A little Google search led her to my website, so she emailed to see if I could create her a Bride and Groom.

How exciting to be able to create one of my favourite products, but with more or less free-reign design wise!

Here’s the beautiful little peg doll couple that I created for her.

bride and groom peg doll wedding cake toppers

peg doll wedding cake toppers

Michele had spotted a dress style that she liked on one of my previous cake toppers, that she felt would fit well with her cake design. I recreated a similar style dress, and added a pretty bouquet of pink roses.

peg doll bride cake topper

I chose a navy suit, similar to the one she had spotted. But as I had a little freedom with the details, I decided to give the groom a floral tie – a look which is rising in popularity right now. It was so much fun making the repeating pattern of tiny pink roses with their little green leaves. Of course, a matching pocket square was in order too!

peg doll groom cake topper

Michele was really pleased with the result, sending me a photo of the peg dolls on top of her lace-trimmed cake. We’re hoping to collaborate with each other again in the near future.

wedding cake toppers on lacey cake

For more information on our peg doll Wedding cake toppers, and how to order your own, see our
dedicated Wedding Cake Toppers page.

We’d truly love to work with you in creating something special for your wedding day.

As always,

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family