Peg Doll Family Giant Commission

I love receiving a commission for a new peg doll family, and this special order was quite exceptional!

A spectacular 16 dolls (including two beloved dogs) were to make up the biggest commission I had made to date.

peg doll family portrait

The giant set was going to be given as a very special gift to the two central members of the family: Mum and Dad.

personalised peg dolls

I was sent plenty of photos to work from, and it was fun setting the individual dolls up into little individual sub-families for photos when they were complete!

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

I totally love how each little mini peg doll family came together to create the entire clan!

personalised peg doll family with dog

It’s hard to pick out in the picture, but this lovely lady’s jacket has a fine ribbed appearance. She also has a silver necklace. The gentlemans’ colourful belt was also very special to him. It’s little details like this that I especially love adding to each of my custom peg dolls! It makes them truly unique and guarantees they will be treasured.

custom peg doll couple

Let’s hear it for the boys!

custom peg dolls, brother peg dolls

Here come the girls!

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

All the cousins together:

wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

Of course, if you’d like to find out about me creating your own customised peg doll family for you, have a look at our peg doll information page, or get in touch using our contact form.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Cake Topper Peg Dolls

Did you know our peg dolls also make the perfect wedding cake topper?

I was asked to make a set of peg dolls consisting of a couple and their much-loved dog. This  was a very special gift to a bride and groom from the Mother of the Bride. As the happy couple spend their time walking the pooch and building their dream home, comfy hoodies and jeans were the order of the day.

 wedding cake topper couple

The little details, as always, were lovely to add to these peg dolls. I really enjoyed creating the plaited hair style on the bride. A little artistic licence allowed me to add a flower too! I loved the fact that I was told the groom wears shorts most of the year round. Reminds me of my own Mr T who never seems to feel the cold and is always in long shorts. Men eh?

My lovely customer confided that she hoped that they would use the peg dolls as their wedding cake topper. So imagine my delight when she sent me these pictures following the big day!

Peg doll wedding cake topper couple bride and groom

How sweet do they look on top of that beautiful naked wedding cake?

If you would like your peg dolls to be used as a cake topper,  let us know when you order. We will drill the dolls and provide you with removable wooden rods. These will secure your toppers into the cake, but are easily removed afterwards. Then your cake topper can sit on a shelf or table just like our regular peg dolls, allowing them to be treasured and enjoyed well beyond your special day. You can find a little bit more information about them here.

Peg doll wedding cake topper

My peg doll order book is still closed until mid November. However if you would like to be placed on our waiting list please just drop me a line via the contact form on this website. Alternatively, drop me a direct email at 

Cwtches ♥ Mawr


new baby handmade gift peg doll uk

Peg Dolls Family Set ♥ Welcome, Little One ♥

personalised peg doll family

 I was recently asked To make a sweet little personalised peg doll family as a gift to celebrate the arrival of A beautiful new baby.

This personalised peg doll family set was a lovely gift to make with lots of fun detail to add. The pictures I had to work from were perfect.

The gorgeous little baby boy had a soft chevron blanket in pale hues of green and blue. One of my favourite colour combinations to work with. I think a life time of living by the sea has ingrained these colours deep in my soul. They always appeal to me! A patterned blanket like this is key detail in my peg dolls. It’s something that can be looked back upon and remembered fondly when the baby becomes a boy.

 Mum has a beautiful lemon dress with a sweet pink and blue roses pattern. I love creating detail like this.  Unique patterned and coloured clothing helps personalise the dolls to look like you.

Dad is wearing a check shirt, which I always enjoy recreating on peg dolls. It is so satisfying creating the crossing lines and intersections. And, of course, the star of the family was the beautiful Springer Spaniel!

peg doll couple with new born baby

As well as working on custom peg doll orders, I’ve also busy making Christmas stock! The studio has been awash with angels and elves this week. It’s never too early for me to feel seasonal so I am in my element. Rumour has it that Father and Mrs Christmas will be making an appearance very soon too! We will be at a local Christmas Fayre in November so it is all systems go creating stock for that. Hopefully we will have pieces available for people who are not local too. So watch this festive space! You can always have a peep at what I’m up to in our Peg Doll Gallery, here!

As always,

Cwtches ♥ Mawr,


Personalised peg dolls – it’s all in the details!

With all of the custom, personalised peg dolls that I make, it’s all in the details! The facial features of my dolls are all similar in style, with their rosy cheeks and closed, contented eyes, so it’s the hair and clothes which help to transform them into little wooden representations of real-life people!

As I mentioned in my last post, the clothing is the key here, and I love working with pretty details on colourful and patterned clothes.  I received this lovely little commission to make a peg doll gift set for a very special friend, and couldn’t wait to find the perfect photos to start on their personalised dolls! Personalised peg doll couple gift set 2


Recreating patterns in a way that works well on the tiny peg dolls is my favourite part of my work and I was really pleased with how this lovely, pretty top worked out! The peg dolls made a long journey all the way from Wales, here in the UK, to their new home in Sydney, Australia – lucky, lucky little personalised peg dolls I say!!

Happy Saturday lovelies xxx

Cariad ♥ Mawr


Peg Dolls – Plaits & Kitty Cats

Child and Cat peg dolls
We had a very happy little customised peg doll recipient on our hands this week. I totally loved creating this cute Child and Cat peg dolls set for a very special little  girl. The tiny cat and kitten were fun to burn and colour. Needless to say recreating the little girls’ “signature hair style” of a side French plait was lovely to do too! I had complete artistic freedom with the outfit. Therefore I chose something bright and colourful to make the peg doll set as appealing as possible to the little girl.

little girl and kitten peg dolls set

She was thrilled when she opened the peg dolls. The cats spilled out of the pretty package first, and she recognised them as her beloved Potter and Luna straight away. She is a big Harry Potter fan! She squealed “It’s me!” when she pulled out the little girl peg doll. Clearly, she was was so excited to see that her wooden doll had a matching plait in her hair! It is certainly such a lovely feeling to see my little wooden peg dolls bringing such joy and excitement to a darling little girl!

This  Child and Cat peg dolls set was a lovely commission. However, if you’re not a cat lover, do not fear! I can happily make dogs too! Pugs in particular seem to be quite a common request. I’m always happy to accommodate any requests.

 If you’d like to record the special bond that your child shares with their pet, my Child and Pet customised wooden peg doll sets start at just £12…see our price list for more details.

It’s looking like a beautiful, sunshine-filled weekend here in Wales! Hope you have had a lovely week wherever you are in the UK and make the most of this lovely weather over the weekend!

Cariad ♥ mawr,