Personalised Peg Dolls – Football Fever for Father’s Day?

Stuck for an idea for Father’s day? Is your guy the man who has got everything? Then why not get him a truly unique present this year that he’ll treasure forever?! Our personalised peg dolls fit the bill, and can be decorated with his favourite teams’ strip.

Here are examples of some of the peg dolls we have made wearing football kits in the past. Can you recognise the teams?

football kit, Swansea city, scfc, swansea til I die, foot ball kit peg dolls, premiership, uk football, personalised peg dolls, peg dolls uk,

It’s so much fun drawing the tiny team emblems and logos on the little kits. These Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday ones below were great to work on.

foot ball kit peg dolls, premiership, uk football, personalised peg dolls, peg dolls uk, sheffield wednesday

I was happy to take create this little personalised peg doll for a Spurs fan from his girlfriend,

foot ball kit peg dolls, premiership, uk football, personalised peg dolls, peg dolls uk, spurs, tottenham hotspur

and added a special number to the back of his shirt at my lovely customers’ request.

foot ball kit peg dolls, premiership, uk football, personalised peg dolls, peg dolls uk, spurs, tottenham hotspur

I’ve created a fair few dolls for Swansea City fans; I put it down to being based in Wales! This doll below was a special thank you gift for a teacher at the end of the school year from a grateful pupil, before she moved on to Comprehensive school. What a really lovely way to say thank you for playing such an important part in her last year of Primary School.

Swansea city, scfc, swansea til I die, foot ball kit peg dolls, premiership, uk football, personalised peg dolls, peg dolls uk,

All we need to make your own personalised football peg doll is a head shot of your loved one and some pictures or links to his chosen team’s kit. It’s really that simple. And of course, any sport goes too! It needn’t just be a football kit or team strip. Rugby, cricket, indoor bowls…. whatever floats his boat!

I will also shortly have some “headless” ready to order Super Dads listed in the web shop. Another perfect gift for Father’s Day. All you will need to do after purchasing one is to email me a head shot of your dad so I can customise the face and it will be ready to go! Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram and Facebook pages for the shop update.

Just please bare in mind that my order book for personalised peg dolls fills up quickly and well in advance, so be sure to order in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.  In addition, I have 3 weeks booked off for May which will impact my order books for Father’s Day 2018. If you are ready to order, or have any questions, just drop me a line using our contact form.

peg doll family, personalised peg doll

The Adventures of Mini Bob the Personalised Peg Doll

Sometimes my personalised peg doll commissions put more of a smile on my face than I expect!

Earlier this year, a lovely friend contacted me to ask if I could make an extra special present for her Dad’s birthday.  Little did I know that this small request would lead to the exciting Adventures of Bob the Peg Doll – or Mini Bob as he’s now affectionately known!

Here he is in all his glory:

Mini Bob the personalised Peg doll

The special details requested for this PERSONALIsED peg doll included the cable-knit cardigan, checked shirt and walking stick.

cabled jumper, grandad peg doll,

It turns out that Bob, and Mini Bob, are both rather partial to a slap up meal and a cream tea or two!

Thank you to lovely Debbie for allowing me to share these brilliant photos of her Dad and his personalised peg doll!

Meet Bob and Mini Bob!

Personalised peg doll from Pink Elephant crafts, grandparents gift idea

The Two Bobs know how to live it up!
Adventures of a personalised peg doll

Roast dinners, fizzy cocktails, icecreams, not to mentioned cooked Breakfasts?!  I am certainly a little bit jealous of what these two have been getting up to on their trips!

However, this luxury lifestyle doesn’t come without it’s problems……..
One of the Bobs doesn’t seem to know his limits. The proof is in the Scones and Clotted Cream! It’s a total wipe out!

Cream Tea – 1 : 0 – Mini Bob

Adventures of Mini Bob the personalised peg doll

~ As a side note – are you a jam or cream first person? Answers in the comments! Meanwhile, the age old debate raged on here a  few years ago, and is apparently down to geography ~

It really is so lovely seeing the fun and laughter that my little personalised peg dolls bring to people! They truly are treasured.

personalised peg doll, granddad peg doll, grandparents gift

So who can I create for you to take on your own mini adventure? If you’d like your own Mini Personalised Peg Doll, prices start at just £14 each. Have a look for more information about personalised commissions here and then get in touch using the contact form.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Peg Dolls – Personalised Spoon Topper Doll

Well, Easter is over and we’re slowly all getting back to normal. For me, that means getting back at my desk, and creating lots of my lovely personalised peg doll families for my lovely customers. I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s May already. I feel like I only just got over Christmas! However, the steady influx of wedding cake topper orders and graduation peg dolls keeps reminding me that we are definitely heading towards the Summer months now.

Easter was a a fun time for creating though! I loved making my Easter Bunny Peg Dolls and my giveaway was well received!

I also had great pleasure in making a couple of lovely spoon dolls as Easter Gifts.

The first one was created for the lovely Sharon of Daisy Lions

Peg doll spoon topper Easter Gift

Sharon is a highly talented textiles artist, and I love the gorgeous little birds she makes; which were perfect for hanging from my Easter Tree.

Daisy Lions Tiny birds

Another Spoon Doll request was from a very proud Mum who wanted a special Easter gift to congratulate her son on his prestigious Chef apprenticeship. She sent me some images of his Chef whites, cap and trousers for me to work from. I endeavored to include as much detail as possible, despite the tiny size of the peg doll.

Peg Doll spoon topper Easter gift for chef

She reported back that they both loved the peg doll spoon, and that her son was impressed by the detail.

Chef with personalised peg doll spoon topper

Perhaps a peg doll spoon would make an ideal Father’s Day gift for the Foodie Fella in your life! Get in touch if you’d like me to create one for you. They are just £10 plus p&p.

Father’s Day 2017 is on Sunday June 18th, so now is the time to drop me a line if you’d like any of our peg doll gifts for Dad or Grandad.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Superhero Peg Dolls

On this day in 1936, the world was introduced to its first tights-wearing, skin-tight costume-clad superhero. No, not Superman. Not Batman. Or Spiderman.

The purple-clothed Phantom was from the imagination of comic strip creator Lee Falk and the first character of this kind to wear a costume to mask his true identity. Falk’s pioneering character set the dress code for the leagues of lycra-loving heroes and masked mystery men that have followed and entertained us ever since.

My husband is a massive superhero fan, and as I’m sure you know by now, I’m a tad partial to creating peg dolls. So I LOVE it when our two interests collide and we get to create superhero peg dolls!

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to be asked to make a couple of peg dolls that revealed the recipients’ inner superheroes as a special birthday gift! What an amazing project to be able to undertake!

Superman and Wonder Woman costumes were the order of the day, hidden under their suits.
superhero peg dolls fathers day gifts

“Superman” as his sister lovingly referred to him, had to of course be wearing a sharp navy suit.

superhero peg doll gift for men

Meanwhile, the other peg doll was wearing a stylish grey herringbone suit.

superhero peg doll gift for groom

Needless to say, I really enjoyed creating the texture on the jacket and trousers.

superhero peg doll in suit

Of course, no superhero is complete without a trusty sidekick. So to complete the set I created Dexter, their adorable little dog.

superhero peg dolls set

These would also make the perfect Father’s Day present for your Super Dad! Father’s day this year in the UK is on June 18th. Plenty of time to place an order!

Incidentally, these are not the first superhero peg dolls portraits that I’ve been asked to make. Have a look through my gallery for more! 

There is certainly a bit of superhero in us all!  Contact me if you want to immortalise your inner hero or alter ego as a superhero peg doll!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll, peg dolls, uk, wedding cake toppers, handmade gifts

Peg Dolls ~ A Beautiful Couple

I was asked to create a PEG DOLL couple as a Christmas Gift for the most beautiful Parents.

Their daughter is the photographer behind The Tortoise Haus photography studio, who had captured her parents beautifully in the images she sent me.  Her Dad looked like the friendliest, gentlest man on the planet, and Mum had the most gorgeous, long-layered grey hair. I really wanted to be able to do her images justice and create a peg doll couple as lovely as they were.

peg doll couple

Dad is wearing his favourite jumper, with his shirt just visible at the collar. I usually depict glasses with just the eyepieces, but as his spectacles were frameless and had very distinctive red arms. So I broke away from my usual style and included these parts in my design too. Mum had a beautiful plum-tone dress which had huge chrysanthemum style blooms dotted around it. The dress also had a deep, plunging neckline and a ruched waistline that created pretty pleats as it hung.  It was an enjoyable challenge to recreate!

pretty peg doll detail of purple dress

During discussions about the dolls with Jen, we agreed that a little bit of Christmas sparkle would be the perfect compliment for such a pretty dress. I created this by adding a cardigan with a subtle lilac pearlescent sheen finish. Just the outfit for the festive time of year!

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this commission, and hope the peg dolls will be treasured in their Forever Home.

Finding the perfect gift for people who have everything can be tricky. That’s where something as unique and special as one of my peg dolls can be absolutely ideal. Do you know a lovely pair who deserve their very own personalised peg doll couple? Get in touch via the contact form or drop me an email.

Cwtches ♥ Mawr