Personalised Peg Doll Family – A True Gift of Love

My fellow Creativepreneur Jo, of Crafty Jo Designs, contacted me last year in order to ask if I could create a peg doll family for her niece for Christmas.  Jo makes amazing floral creations, from “forever flowers” to beautiful floral necklaces that are definite show stoppers. Take a peep at her gorgeous work in detail on her website.

Here are the beautiful peg doll family themselves:

Mum’s dress was initially a challenge, but I absolutely loved recreating it once I got going! 

She had a gorgeous dress in the photo I was sent to work from, from what I could see of it. But she was slightly obscured in the photo and I couldn’t be sure of a few things, so I got in back in touch with Jo to see if she had any more details. Eventually, after a lot of web searching, we were able to find the dress online for me to work from.








While I pride myself on primarily using coloured pencil for my peg dolls, sometimes I use other materials when the commission calls for it. This was one of those cases.

In order to get the best representation of the swirling galaxy colours of the dress, I used water colours blended directly on the wood. Once dry, I then flicked small flashes of white and black paint on top to create the star-like flecks.

It was great to experiment with a different technique and I think it worked really well for this particular peg doll.

Dad was cool too! With his distinctive hair, glasses and jumper he was great to personalise.

A particular special touch was added here. Jo shared the couple met at Glastonbury, and asked if I could incorporate festival tickets as a nod to this. As always, I’m only too pleased to work in such a special detail on my peg dolls.
glastonbury, glasto, festival, tickets, peg doll family

Jo tipped me off that the couple love the band New Order, and asked if I could dress their young toddler in something that reflected this. I searched through the band’s album art and merchandise and we agreed on this:peg doll family, new order,  peg doll family, peg doll couple

Not long after Jo’s niece had received her peg doll family came another call for a new little addition! I was so pleased to arrange this surprise for them on behalf of Jo. A true gift of love! Working together, we decided to link him to the existing peg dolls using blue colours like his mum and brother. Additionally, his initial forms a big red monogram like on dad’s jumper.peg doll family, baby peg doll, tiny peg doll

I was completely delighted to be able to complete this peg doll family with this tiny addition.

Can I make some peg doll magic for you? Drop me a line using the contact form so that we can get chatting about your ideas!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family, personalised peg doll

Family of Peg Dolls – Stars, Scarves and Bow Ties

I am always excited when I get a new commission for a family of peg dolls. Usually it means a whole lot of bright and colourful clothing to work with.  This group was certainly no exception!
Family of peg dolls, personalised peg dolls, peg doll, family gift

All of the outfits for this family were full of the patterned details that I love to work with.

personalised peg dolls, uk peg dolls, peg doll family, wooden dolls, wedding cake topper

Here is the first of the couples within the group:

Family of peg dolls, personalised peg dolls, peg doll, family gift, peg doll couple

This amazing silk scarf was a dream to recreate! I loved the challenge of working the patterns across the folds and drapes in the material.

The second couple are just as bold and beautiful!

The lady has her sunglasses on her head and I loved her shooting star jersey!

Family of peg dolls, personalised peg dolls, peg doll, family gift, peg doll couple

And what about this shirt! Isn’t it amazing? I love recreating check shirts anyway, but the addition of the tiny music notes and cheeky lady sat io a guitar knocks this one out of the ball park!

The sweet children don’t disappoint either. The cool dude on the left has a funky rocket jumper, and a cape with his name on the back! The little baby is decorated in a blanket inspired by his big brothers’ space jumper!peg doll family, peg doll children

This commission also includes two much-loved dogs. as both have passed away, I was asked to include wings on their backs in remembrance.

peg doll dog, french bull dog pet memorial. memorial peg doll, dog peg doll, peg doll angel

Family of peg dolls, personalised peg dolls, peg doll, family gift

Another amazing family of peg dolls for me to have created! I love every commission I get the honour of working on – will my next one be for you?

Take a look at the gallery to see other families I’ve created and then drop me a line for a chat about your ideas!

Until then,
Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family, personalised peg doll

Personalised Peg Dolls ~ Bold and Beautiful

When my lovely Instagram and creativepreneur friend Sharon asked if I could create her a set of personalised peg dolls I jumped at the chance!

Tucked away on the beautiful coast high up in Scotland, Sharon creates beautiful needle-felted art and pin badges as Ria Melin.  You can see her gorgeous work in her Etsy shop here. As always, it was an honour to be asked to make something for a fellow creative soul.

personalised peg dolls, peg doll, peg dolls, customised, personalised gift, unique gift

The set I created for her consists of herself and her partner, her parents and her gorgeous Shitzu Zelda.

One of Sharon’s most infamous products are her Highland Cow pins, and I paid a little tribute to this with a teeny little cow on her cardigan.

personalised peg dolls, peg doll, peg dolls, customised, personalised gift, unique gift

Sharon sent pictures of her favourite pink top and orange cardigan for herself, but left it up to me to decide what to create on her mum’s doll. The reference photos for her Mum’s clothing included stripes and pink. So I combined the two and opted for pink stripes, tying the two ladies together nicely and reflecting the bond and love they share.personalised peg dolls, peg doll, peg dolls, customised, personalised gift, unique gift

All in all, the family’s clothes were quite plain pattern-wise. Nevertheless the bright, vivid colours worked really well despite this. As a result, this demonstrates that despite my mantra when you order being “patterns work best”, the peg dolls look lovely what ever your style.

The bold blue and pink colours repeated through the dolls helped tie them together as a set.

personalised peg dolls, peg doll, peg dolls, customised, personalised gift, unique gift

It’s no secret that I’m a cat person, and at any time my clothing consists of approximately 85% cat hair. However, Zelda is the dog that could convert me to being a dog person! She is THE CUTEST little dog I have ever seen. Look at her adorable little face! Such a sweetheart. It was a pleasure to create her little wooden personalised peg doll twin!

shitzu, dog lovers, gift for dog lovers, peg doll dog

If you’d like to see more of my personalised peg dolls, take a look at our gallery here. Then why not head over to the information page to find out more about ordering a set of peg dolls for your self?

I’ll look forward to hearing from you 😉

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family, personalised peg doll

A Very Personal Personalised Peg Dolls set

Every commission for a set of personalised peg dolls that I receive is an honour. I love what I do, and it is still always a bit astounding that other people love them enough too to want to own a set for themselves.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to be asked to make a family set of dolls for one of my oldest and dearest friends. This set of Personalised peg dolls really was “personal”!

Of course, this added a new level of pressure above that which I usually feel when working on a commission to get them just right!

peg doll family, personalised peg doll, peg doll uk, personalised peg dolls

My lovely friend made no hesitation in sending me the loveliest outfits for me to work on! Her pictures were perfect; lots of bright colours and fun patterns to recreate.

peg doll family, personalised peg doll, peg doll uk,

I was totally spoilt with the ladies’ dresses! It was certainly a challenge to capture the spirit of the chirpy owls on this popular British designers’ dress on such a teeny scale, but it was a lot of fun to do! I also loved the gorgeous geometric patterns of the dress on the right. I am easily pleased; projects involving colour and geometric patterns is all it takes!

peg doll family, personalised peg doll, peg doll uk, personalised peg dolls, dinosaur jumper

Let’s not forget about this gorgeous little guy! How fun is his dinosaur jumper? I loved recreating the little Jurassic creatures on the tiny 6cm peg doll.

His Dad’s t-shirt was a good one too! I loved creating the wave logo and blending the reds, oranges and yellows together. Really distinctive motifs like these always work really well to make your peg dolls instantly recognisable to your recipient.

A gorgeous set of family peg dolls for a truly special and gorgeous family ♥

Can you imagine how you and your favourite people might look as your own set of personalised peg dolls? What fun and favourite outfits would you choose? For more information on placing an order, have a look at our information page here.

peg doll family

A Personalised Peg Dolls Proposal!

It’s Valentines Day, so what is more fitting than sharing a romantic story involving my personalised peg dolls?!

I was thrilled last year when the partner of my old Uni friend got in touch asking if I could make a set of their little family. Every commission is lovely, but there’s something even more magical about making peg dolls for special friends.

He had one special request for the set. Could I make my friend in her Wonder Woman costume? Well, of course I could! We all know (almost) anything goes here at Pink Elephant Crafts!

personalised peg dolls, peg doll families, wonder woman, peg doll family

I’d presumed that he was just getting very organised and ordering a lovely Christmas present. So imagine my absolute delight when my friend text me these photos!

wonder mum, wonderwoman, mothersday, proposal, personalised peg doll

She walked into the lounge to find three little piles of gifts, each with a wooden plaque. They read “Wonder Woman,” “Wonder Woman,” and …….. “Wonder Wife?”

Sam really is a Wonder Woman. And the character had always had a special meaning to them both.

Isn’t that an amazing and romantic way to propose for a superhero-loving couple?

wonder mum, wonderwoman, mothersday, proposal, personalised peg doll

I was over the moon that my little personalised peg dolls played a part in it too!

wonder mum, wonderwoman, mothersday, proposal, personalised peg doll

A big thank you to my gorgeous friend Sam for allowing me to share her special photos and story!

wonderwoman, personalised peg dolls, valentines day, proposal

The couples’ beautiful little daughter and beloved English Springer Spaniel are part of the set too.

personalised peg dolls, peg doll families, dog lovers

We are totally thrilled that this absolutely gorgeous couple are finally going to tie the knot. Congratulations to you both, you deserve every happiness!!

personalised peg dolls, peg doll families, wonderwoman, peg doll cake topper

Can make a special gift for a special occasion for you? If so, you’re welcome to drop me an email to discuss your ideas.  Don’t forget that my personalised peg dolls also make perfect wedding cake toppers. You can find out more and see lots of examples on our dedicated wedding page here.
As always,
Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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