Game of Thrones Wedding Cake Toppers

I’m pretty certain that Game of Thrones needs no introduction! The show, based on the George RR Martin Song of Ice and Fire novels, has had us gripped since it first aired in 2011. Who doesn’t love a bit of kings, queens and dragons escapism every once in a while?

So it was only a matter of time before I was contacted to create some Game of Thrones Wedding Cake Toppers!

With just a few days left until Season 7, now seems the perfect time to share  them with you.

Nadine and Richard are huge fans of the show. While their wedding was going to be a traditional ceremony during the day, the evening was to take a bit of a fantastical twist. Nadine was changing into a replica Khaleesi dress, while her new husband would be sporting a suit of armour.

The couples’ two beloved cats were to feature on the cake too!
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The Khaleesi dress was SO much fun to recreate!  I love having the opportunity to break out my specialised finishes! I used some gorgeous metallic gold here to pick out the details on her chain metal belt.

khaleesi doll, khaleesi, game of thrones wedding cake topper, game of thrones, GOT

The lengths of sheer fabric hanging from her shoulders down her back called for some of my pearlised top coat. Lovely! I love working on little details like this. The back of each of my peg dolls receive just as much attention as the front.

khaleesi doll, khaleesi, game of thrones wedding cake topper

Nick’s outfit was just as fun to customise. They requested a specific coat of arms to reflect his family name. It might just be some of the tiniest details I’ve had to create to date!

suit of armour peg doll, knight peg doll, game of thrones wedding cake topper

Of course, the finished cake looked fantastic! It was created for them by Jenny Cooper of Coop Cakes. My  Game of Thrones wedding cake toppers perfectly matched the tiers’ themes of winter and of cogs, which are the iconic feature of the opening credits of the show.

game of thrones wedding cake topper, Game of thrones wedding cake

And because all love cake, here’s another shot! 🙂

game of thrones wedding cake topper, Game of thrones wedding cake

So if you are considering ordering a bespoke Wedding Cake Topper from me, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box like Nick and Nadine. Your dolls will be completely customised to your ideas and specifications. Therefore they could be wearing any outfits or reflect any interests you can think of!

For more details about our custom cake toppers see our Wedding Toppers information page. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form at the top of the website if you have any questions!

game of thrones wedding cake toppers, custom peg dolls, cake topper

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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Making Cake Toppers for a Top Cake Maker

One of my favourite things to make are always requests for personalised peg doll wedding cake toppers. I may just have mentioned it once or twice before! I love playing a tiny part in a couple’s special day, working with them to bring their ideas to life.

Quite often there are lots of special, sentimental details to include, and I love finding out the stories behind them. Often, I get to see the Bride’s dress before most other people, and I feel like the keeper of many special, beautiful secrets!

However, one day an email landed in my inbox which was a bit different. It was a request for a bride and groom cake topper, but it wasn’t from a bride-to-be. There were no dress or hairstyle pictures.

But, there was the same level of excitement from my potential customer!

The email was, infact, from a lovely Baker called Michele, who runs Icing on the Cake in Somerset. She had an idea in her mind for a cake that she wished to showcase at Wedding Fayres, and it required peg doll cake toppers. A little Google search led her to my website, so she emailed to see if I could create her a Bride and Groom.

How exciting to be able to create one of my favourite products, but with more or less free-reign design wise!

Here’s the beautiful little peg doll couple that I created for her.

bride and groom peg doll wedding cake toppers

peg doll wedding cake toppers

Michele had spotted a dress style that she liked on one of my previous cake toppers, that she felt would fit well with her cake design. I recreated a similar style dress, and added a pretty bouquet of pink roses.

peg doll bride cake topper

I chose a navy suit, similar to the one she had spotted. But as I had a little freedom with the details, I decided to give the groom a floral tie – a look which is rising in popularity right now. It was so much fun making the repeating pattern of tiny pink roses with their little green leaves. Of course, a matching pocket square was in order too!

peg doll groom cake topper

Michele was really pleased with the result, sending me a photo of the peg dolls on top of her lace-trimmed cake. We’re hoping to collaborate with each other again in the near future.

wedding cake toppers on lacey cake

For more information on our peg doll Wedding cake toppers, and how to order your own, see our
dedicated Wedding Cake Toppers page.

We’d truly love to work with you in creating something special for your wedding day.

As always,

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers: A Need for Speed

When I received an email from Natalie asking if I could squeeze in a set of personalised wedding cake toppers at short notice, I was really happy to be able to help! I usually advise allowing at least six weeks before ordering because my books can get super busy.

However, I know sometimes life can’t be timetabled! I am always willing to try to work out a way of getting your order in if possible. And this was one of those happy circumstances! I was able to create this lovely little pair of peg dolls in time for their big day.

bride and groom peg doll wedding cake toppers

It’s always wonderful to receive a picture of the peg dolls on top of the wedding cake! I love the way the bunting is framing them here. The perfect finishing touch!

peg doll wedding cake toppers

If you fancy making your own bunting to top your cake, I’ve pinned this handy little tutorial on my Wedding Cake Toppers Pinterest Board for you:

Natalie had chosen a lovely lacey dress, complimented with a simple pearl necklace and classic bouquet of blush roses.

personalised wedding cake toppers

I was a bit excited about the necklace. I always love being able to break out my special pearl finish! It leaves a slightly raised, dimensional dot as can be seen in the photo below. The perfect peg doll accessory!

bride peg doll wedding cake topper

The back of the dress was also beautiful, and highly detailed. I LOVE this sort of lacework – recreating the tiny patterns is so therapeutic!

bride peg doll wedding cake topper

Natalie hadn’t fully finalised her hair, so we decided to opt for a classic up do dressed with some pearls and tiny white flowers for the peg doll.

bride peg doll wedding cake topper

The Bride and Groom peg dolls looked lovely on top of the cake, and I was so pleased that Natalie and her husband allowed me to share their pictures here with you!

personalised wedding cake toppers

To find out more about our personalised wedding cake toppers, and how you can place an order, have a look at our dedicated page here.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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Peg Doll Wedding Cake Topper: From Across the Miles

I love receiving emails asking me if it would be possible to make a Peg Doll Wedding Cake topper. It is truly lovely to be involved in someones special day in a little way.

So imagine my delight when an email from the other side of the world asked if I could do just that! a peg doll wedding cake topper set of five peg dolls, for a beautiful family in Hong Kong who would be returning to Wales for their Wedding, was required.

peg doll wedding cake topper

My lovely customer Asher was thrilled with the finished results. In fact, she sent me these pictures of the cake toppers on their gorgeous cake. My goodness it makes my mouth water just looking at that. I am indeed a bit of a buttercream fan!!

peg doll wedding cake topper

Of course, Asher sent me lots and lots of photos to work from so that I had a good idea of how they would look on the day. Her amazing dress was an absolute joy to recreate. The bodice had a contrasting lace pattern to the arms, which was such a fun detail to work on. The satin sash called for my very special pearlescent finish, which is reserved for very special occassions!

bride peg doll

The groom was to wear a smart navy suit, with a lovely shot of colour in the form of his yellow tie! The bouquet is a posy of gorgeous wild flowers, hand tied with lace.

peg doll wedding cake topper

The three beautiful little bridesmaids played an important part in the cake topper arrangement. Simple, elegant matching dresses, and beautiful rustic bouquets for the eldest two girls.

peg doll wedding cake topper

They look so pretty together.  Just lovely  – or “hyfred” as we say here in Wales.

peg doll wedding cake topper

And a moment of quiet admiration for that heavenly cake again!

peg doll wedding cake topper

As always, we welcome enquiries for personalised Peg Doll Wedding Cake toppers and currently have availability for July 2017 onward. However MY ORDER BOOKS ARE BUSY AND TURN OVER IS AROUND 6 WEEKS. with this in mind, Please be sure to enquire in plenty of time so to avoid disappointment.

Additionally, for more information see our dedicated Peg Doll Wedding Cake Topper page.

Finally, if you’re a Bride to Be, and haven’t said “yes to the dress,” you must check out the styles from Bridal Fashion Week. Brides.Com have comprehensive coverage of their favourites for 2018. It will be interesting to see what filters through for real world brides. There’s a few interesting looks! High-necked styles, and pale blue and particularly BLACK are tipped as gown colours we could be seeing at Weddings near us soon! I wonder if I’ll have any requests for peg doll wedding cake toppers in black wedding dresses as a result?!  We will see, I’m sure!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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The Wedding Cake Topper that Sparked Creativity

Inspiration is a wonderful thing and can be drawn from many places. I love reading about who or what inspires artists in their work, and to see how that transpires into the result. I especially enjoy people using materials and resources in unexpected ways, rather than as they were intended. Wedding cake topper included!

Little did I know that when my lovely customer Gita asked me to make her Wedding Cake Topper, the little wooden bride and groom would not stop at just adorning the top of their cake!

wedding cake toppers peg dolls

Gita was lovely to work with from start to finish. She provided me with plenty of photos of all the details of their special day to help me create their bespoke peg dolls.

Her beautifully beaded dress had the most gorgeous scooped cowl back that was such a lovely detail to recreate.

wedding cake toppers peg dolls

Gita originally planned an elegant braided up-do, finished with a beautiful crystal-encrusted comb and pearl hair piece. It was the perfect excuse for me to use my specialised finishes!

WEdding cake topper peg dolls

The bridal bouquet included crystals, pearls and delicate feathers. It was so pretty, and a total delight to recreate.

WEdding cake topper peg dolls

The Groom didn’t come without his own special details;  peaked lapels and oxblood brogues were also on the creative to-do list.
WEdding cake topper peg dolls

After their celebration, Gita pointed me towards a tweet from their venue, showing their wedding cake topper in situ.

wedding cake topper peg dolls personalised handmade

Picture credit: @Finchspub on Twitter

But the lovely surprises didn’t stop there.  Next, Gita emailed me to say that she’d cleverly made her own Thank You cards featuring their wooden peg dolls! I was so excited when she sent me photos of her creativity. So, peg dolls are for life, not just for wedding cakes!

WEdding cake topper peg dolls

Picture Credit: Gita Prabhu

I really love them sitting on top of the traditional London Double Decker bus!

WEdding cake topper peg dolls

Picture Credit: Gita Prabhu

A big thank you to Gita for kindly allowing me to share her pictures. It was really lovely to see my peg dolls being used in such a different and creative way.

 Of course, with removable cake rods, our peg dolls are designed to be perfect for displaying in your home for years to come, but I hope that Gita has inspired other couples to think outside the box for uses of their peg dolls after their big day.

Of course, you can find out more about how we can create peg dolls for you, just like we did for Gita, here.

Sws ♥ Mawr

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