Hi here at Pink Elephant crafts we take pride in the work we do, and we  and we take the security of your personal data very serious.

We are learning the new process of GDPR, and as a small company we only hold a small amount of information on our customers that you agree to hand over for us to complete the commissions.

Our site is hosted on a very popular platform and they assure us that they are meeting the GDPR laws as required for hosting sites.

Your data is not being shared with any 3rd parties.

The addons we use for our site again all follow the GDPR rules.


Request of information

Should you want a copy of what data we hold about you, please get in touch via the contact form or e mail. We are more than happy to supply you with what data we hold on you, as we are a small 2 person team, please allow 7 days for our reply and to supply you with the information we hold on you.

Request to remove information / Edit information

Should you want your information removed from our databases / and files, again please contact us via E Mail or the contact form, and we will be more than happy to send you a copy of the data we have, and we will confirm we have deleted this data.  Please allow up to 14 days for us to delete your data from our records. (i.e Photos, address, e mails, communications, social media)

Should you find any of the information we hold on you inaccurate, then please get in touch and inform us of this, we can then amend our records in alignment with your requirements.

Retaining some information if you have been a customer

Please understand if you have been a customer of Pink Elephant Crafts, then for legal reasons and Tax reasons (HMRC) we must keep a record of the sale, and your name, address and any receipts we have on the transaction for up to 5 years after we have filled the Tax Return.  For more information please visit : 

Purge of information

If you have been a customer of Pink Elephant Crafts will purge all customer data 6 years after we have submitted details of the transactions to HMRC.

If you have not purchased anything from Pink Elephant Crafts, but may have contacted us, then we will purge all e mails and information we hold every 1 year from users / people who have enquired or been in contact but not become a customer, we will keep this data for 1 year for reasons of following up on leads and hoping to turn enquiries in to sales.

We do not have customer registration on our site.

The information we obtain is generally from E mails, Contact Forms, and social media. Your data will be stored via Social media (if you have been in contact there) and locally on our server, along with details of the sales on our spreadsheets for sales records and tax information.


We will hold the following categories about you

E-Mail Address
PayPal Account if used to pay us
Photos you have submitted
E-Mail content
Social Media communications

These are the categories we will be deleting if you request a purge of information.

Security Breach Policy

should our site or your data become compromised and any data is taken, we will contact you via E – Mail to confirm this, and explain the steps taken to fix this breach and what we will be doing going forward to protect your data. This will also be logged in our Security breach documentation for our records.

Records of Consent

Your consent for holding your information in align with our policies will need to be agreed before hand, we will e mail you a consent request upon you contacting us, and once you have approved your consent we can continue to keep in touch and hold your information until you say otherwise.

We will store your consent e mail on our servers and within e mail servers.

GDPR moving forward

we are still learning about GDPR and processing all the information we can, and trying to apply it it to our small business, as outlined in  



If you have any questions please get in touch with Pink Elephant Crafts via our contact form or E mail.