Welcome to our Personalised Peg Dolls Gallery. Brew yourself a warm pot of tea and stay a while. A slice of cake is optional, but highly recommended!

Our “Doli Dwts” (little dolls) are a bit different to other lovely, painted Peg Dolls you may have seen.

The details you see are added to my little people using the art of pyrography. This is the art of burning decorative marks into wood with a hot iron tool. I have been using this technique since 2015 and it sets my work apart from other peg doll artists.

You can see lots of examples me working with pyrography in action on my YouTube Channel!

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Whilst we endeavour to update this gallery regularly, we are very busy bees here at Doli Dwt beavering away creating our peg dolls. Therefore some of these images may be from quite some time ago! Don’t forget that the best place for keeping up to date with our most recent creations is through our social media channels linked above. Or by popping straight to our blog where I love sharing the stories behind each beautiful little set of dolls that I make!

I am absolutely delighted with the dolls Natalie has designed and made for our friend’s wedding. I can’t say enough by way of recommendation! As a gift these are hand made and unique and Natalie is so talented as well as lovely to correspond with as you agree the design together. Thank you so much again Nat!

Chris Bennett