Hello & Welcome to Pink Elephant Crafts – Customised peg dolls, hoop art and handmade gifts made in the UK

Customised personalised peg dolls gifts handmade in wales uk

Customised wooden peg dolls – couple and pets

A lovely warm hello from Mr T and I (and our wooden peg doll counterparts) here in the cosy little studio of Pink Elephant Crafts, where I beaver away making bespoke handmade gifts.

Welcome to the little Blog corner of our website (which Mr T has been slaving away over the past few weeks to build), where we endeavour to bring you little snatches and snippets of life behind the studio doors, and insights into how our bespoke wooden peg dolls, hoop art, and cards and illustrations are lovingly hand made.

Pink Elephant Crafts has been running in one way or another for a little over 10 years, where I drew upon my art student days to make handmade cards with paper crafting techniques. Over time, my interests have broadened, harking back to the hazy long-gone days where I spent hours as a little girl learning to sew and embroider with my Grandma and to colour and shade drawings with my Grandad.

Now, here on the Gower in Wales, UK, our greatest pleasure is using traditional techniques to create unique pieces of art for you. Our specialties lie in our hand sewn hoop art and wooden peg dolls, on which we use pyrography and hand colouring, with great attention to detail.

Have a little look around, and do pop back soon to keep up with our latest creations and news – new products will be continually added to the Gallery. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime (we do love a little chat!), or follow us on Instagram and Facebook too!

Hope to see you soon!

             Cariad ♥ mawr,