Wedding Table Centrepieces

I cleared my timetable in January to undertake a really special commission for a special set of wedding table centrepieces. It was a welcome break to work on something so personal after the madness of Christmas. However, it was also a bit daunting, as I was tasked to working with wooden dolls around three times bigger than what I am used to!

You may remember this post from a couple of years ago, where a set of my peg dolls was used as part of the romantic wedding proposal of two of my friends.

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Both of them are fans of graphic novels and the superhero movie genre, so naturally they decided to continue both the superhero and peg doll theme throughout their wedding. They asked if I could make their cake toppers, several gifts for family and friends and their table centrepieces.

I’ll save the toppers and gifts for another post, but if you have 3 minutes to spare, here’s a video of the giant peg doll wedding table centrepieces. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this, then make sure to pop directly to my YouTube channel for more, similar videos. I am gradually building a little library of videos of the techniques and processes I use to create my peg dolls. This gives you a great insight into the work and love that goes into the details of every tiny doll that I create.

Until next time,

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Wedding Peg Doll Personalised Gift

 I’m sure you all know by now I love commissions that involves creating a wedding peg doll or two!

So when my business friend Stacey, the amazing clay artist behind Stacey’s World, got in touch to ask if I could make her a special wedding gift she got a big thumbs up from me. Her friends had recently got married, enjoying a dream destination wedding. With this in mind I knew this would be a fun wedding peg doll set to work on!

It was particularly refreshing to work on a totally different style of groom outfit to normal.  A light and fresh linen waistcoat and trousers and white shirt pairing was different to the usual navy or grey suits I work on. groom figurine, wooden cake topper, peg dolls, personalised peg dolls, Personalised peg dolls wedding gift, wedding gift, personalised wedding gift, beach wedding, wedding toppers, bride and groom

The bride was photographed wearing a really light and elegant dress. Its’ simplicity was perfect for all that sunshine and heat I bet! She also had a gorgeous bunch of colourful gerberas. Such happy and bright flowers!

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There were lots of lovely details that really helped me to personalise her wedding peg doll. The bride wore quite distinctive glasses, which always helps. In addition to this, she had a beautiful sparkly tiara which was lovely to recreate. She also was wearing pearl and crystal necklace, and a pearl bracelet and earrings set. Any opportunity to bust out my specialised pearl and crystal finishes is a great one in my books!

Just look how sparkly they are on her little wooden peg doll:

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It really was a lovely commission to work on. It was refreshing to create the peg dolls as a gift AFTER the wedding day and to be able to work from such lovely, happy photos!

Congratulations to the lovely couple!  Big thank you to them too for allowing me to share the photos of their very special day that I worked from, here on my blog.

Don’t forget that we have a whole page dedicated to the wedding peg doll side of our business, right here. It’s full of information and links to my previous Bride and Groom peg doll work.

So if you are feeling inspired and would love me to create a personalised wedding peg doll set for your own big day or as a gift to a special couple, pop over to my contact form now in order to get in touch!

Until then,
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A Personalised Peg Dolls Proposal!

It’s Valentines Day, so what is more fitting than sharing a romantic story involving my personalised peg dolls?!

I was thrilled last year when the partner of my old Uni friend got in touch asking if I could make a personalised peg dolls set of their little family. Every commission is lovely, but there’s something even more magical about making peg dolls for special friends.

He had one special request for the set. Could I make my friend in her Wonder Woman costume? Well, of course I could! We all know (almost) anything goes here at Pink Elephant Crafts!

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I’d presumed that he was just getting very organised and ordering a lovely Christmas present. So imagine my absolute delight when my friend text me these photos!

wonder mum, wonderwoman, mothersday, proposal,

She walked into the lounge to find three little piles of gifts, each with a wooden plaque. They read “Wonder Woman,” “Wonder Woman,” and …….. “Wonder Wife?”

Sam really is a Wonder Woman. And the character had always had a special meaning to them both.

Isn’t that an amazing and romantic way to propose for a superhero-loving couple?

wonder mum, wonderwoman, mothersday, proposal,

I was over the moon that my little personalised peg dolls played a part in it too!

wonder mum, wonderwoman, mothersday, proposal, personalised peg doll

A big thank you to my gorgeous friend Sam for allowing me to share her special photos and story!

personalised peg doll, peg doll families, wonderwoman,

The couples’ beautiful little daughter and beloved English Springer Spaniel are part of the set too.

personalised peg dolls, peg doll families, dog lovers

We are totally thrilled that this absolutely gorgeous couple are finally going to tie the knot. Congratulations to you both, you deserve every happiness!!

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Can make a special gift for a special occasion for you? If so, you’re welcome to drop me an email to discuss your ideas.  Don’t forget that my personalised peg dolls also make perfect wedding cake toppers. You can find out more and see lots of examples on our dedicated wedding page here.
As always,
Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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Peg Dolls ~ Happy Valentines Day ♥

Ah….February the 14th: Valentines day. A day for showing your loved one how much they mean to you by giving them the perfect Valentines gift.

When I think  of romance, my mind conjures up images of flowers, hearts, deep tones of red and iconic images of Paris; “The City of Love”.

so the photos for this recent little family commission, immediately shouted “Valentines gift” to me.

valentines day peg doll set

The adult peg dolls perfectly compliment each other in their Valentines red outfits.

The leafy and floral detail on Mum’s dress was so lovely to recreate. It wouldn’t be Valentines day without flowers, right?!

And as for the beautiful dress on the little girl….the pictures sent to me were of her wearing the most beautiful Rachel Riley dress based on the Eloise books by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight. The little doll was just under 4cm tall. Working on such a small canvas meant I had to carefully pick out vital detail from the busy dress that could easily be recreated yet still instantly recognisable to the family.  I chose to repeat just the section of the pattern that contained the iconic Eiffel Tower. The unmistakable shape was straightforward to replicate on a small scale whilst still distinctively making it “the” dress. It was a lot of fun to work on!

eloise in paris rachel riley

The family LOVED their peg doll gift. My lovely customer was so pleased that she then placed a second order for her other son’s family. It’s always an honour to have someone put their faith and trust in me to make peg dolls for them, so a returning customer really makes me do a happy little dance around my studio!

valentines gift peg doll family

What conjures up “Romance” for you? What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you, or have you surprised someone special to you? Let me know in the comments – I love a good slushy story!

Wishing  you lots of love and a Happy Valentines day,

Sws ♥ Mawr

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Valentines Gift Pegdolls Couple

Just a short and sweet post to share a recent commission for a Valentines gift pegdolls couple.

However, I found out that things didn’t quite go to plan when I received an email from my lovely customer Amy….

“Thanks so much!!!! The peg dolls are gorgeous and I love them! I couldn’t resist waiting for Valentines Day, so they are on the mantle piece now!!! Thank you, you are so clever!”

It was a bit naughty to give them early, but nice for her lucky husband, Lee! We like naughty but nice here at Pink Elephant Crafts!!

personalised Valentines gift pegdolls couple

How pretty is that little dress and cardigan combination? Red is, of course, always the perfect choice for Valentines day!

If you’d like your own personalised peg dolls as a gift for someone, get in touch using the contact form on this website. Alternatively, drop me an email at  My peg dolls really do make ideal gifts for any occassion. These dolls here were Valentines gift pegdolls, but they can be given for weddings, birthdays, leaving presents, thank you presents…the list goes on and on. I love chatting over email with my customers about their ideas and bringing them to life.

Mr T (aka Mr Pink Elephant Crafts) and I spent Valentines day watching movies on our “big screen” via our home projector – our favourite way to chill out at home together.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t kind enough to let me indulge in any of the traditional romantic films that would have been fitting for the day. He insisted that we had a horror fest instead! I get the feeling it was all part of a cunning plan to get me to snuggle up a bit closer on the sofa!

What’s your favourite way to spend Valentines day? Let me know in the comments !

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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