Personalised Peg Doll Family – A True Gift of Love

My fellow Creativepreneur Jo, of Crafty Jo Designs, contacted me last year in order to ask if I could create a peg doll family for her niece for Christmas.  Jo makes amazing floral creations, from “forever flowers” to beautiful floral necklaces that are definite show stoppers. Take a peep at her gorgeous work in detail on her website.

Here are the beautiful peg doll family themselves:

Mum’s dress was initially a challenge, but I absolutely loved recreating it once I got going! 

She had a gorgeous dress in the photo I was sent to work from, from what I could see of it. But she was slightly obscured in the photo and I couldn’t be sure of a few things, so I got in back in touch with Jo to see if she had any more details. Eventually, after a lot of web searching, we were able to find the dress online for me to work from.








While I pride myself on primarily using coloured pencil for my peg dolls, sometimes I use other materials when the commission calls for it. This was one of those cases.

In order to get the best representation of the swirling galaxy colours of the dress, I used water colours blended directly on the wood. Once dry, I then flicked small flashes of white and black paint on top to create the star-like flecks.

It was great to experiment with a different technique and I think it worked really well for this particular peg doll.

Dad was cool too! With his distinctive hair, glasses and jumper he was great to personalise.

A particular special touch was added here. Jo shared the couple met at Glastonbury, and asked if I could incorporate festival tickets as a nod to this. As always, I’m only too pleased to work in such a special detail on my peg dolls.
glastonbury, glasto, festival, tickets, peg doll family

Jo tipped me off that the couple love the band New Order, and asked if I could dress their young toddler in something that reflected this. I searched through the band’s album art and merchandise and we agreed on this:peg doll family, new order,  peg doll family, peg doll couple

Not long after Jo’s niece had received her peg doll family came another call for a new little addition! I was so pleased to arrange this surprise for them on behalf of Jo. A true gift of love! Working together, we decided to link him to the existing peg dolls using blue colours like his mum and brother. Additionally, his initial forms a big red monogram like on dad’s jumper.peg doll family, baby peg doll, tiny peg doll

I was completely delighted to be able to complete this peg doll family with this tiny addition.

Can I make some peg doll magic for you? Drop me a line using the contact form so that we can get chatting about your ideas!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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