Peg Dolls ~ Onesie Wearing!

My lovely customer Karen contacted me with a special personalised peg doll commission in mind. It was her daughters’ 18th birthday, so she wanted a unique and personal present to mark this landmark occasion that she could treasure.

She had seen my peg dolls on my facebook page, and decided that they fitted the bill perfectly!

As with all my customers, I sent her my guide to photos to work from. Originally she had thought it would be nice to have the peg doll dressed in the outfit her daughter wore to her party. But as this was a  little black dress she decided that something more colourful would be needed. Karen spent a couple of days wracking her brain – when bingo! She realised that her daughter loved spending time relaxing in her onesie (who doesn’t?!). When I received her photos of the boldly patterned outfit, I couldn’t wait to start recreating it on her personalised peg doll.

personalised peg doll wearing pyjamas

The bright red colour was so lovely to work with. The bold stars and stripes pattern was a lot of fun to recreate too!

personalised peg doll wearing a onesie

Maybe I felt especially excited about making this peg doll as I tend to wear pyjama bottoms and jumpers when I work! Nothing beats the comfort of a soft, fleecy pair of pyjamas in my book. You have to be comfortable if you want to be creative!

peg doll birthday gift

Karen and her daughter were both really pleased with her peg doll gift, and kindly sent me this picture which they were happy for me to share 🙂

birthday girl recieves her personalised peg doll

This goes to show that anything goes when it comes to peg dolls! I am happy to personalise your dolls in any outfit you like . Jeans and jumpers, wedding dresses or pyjamas….your wish is my creative command! Simply get in touch using the contact form.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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