Peg Doll Family ~ Party of Five

I was asked if I could create a Peg doll family of five as a Christmas gift; and also create duplicates of the children to be given to both sets of grandparents!

I knew that creating such a large peg doll family would be no mean feat.  But it was a challenge I was very excited about!

After lots of discussion with my customer, we found the perfect photographs for me to work from.  I therefore set about creating his mini army of peg dolls in time for Christmas!

peg doll family

Checked shirts were the order of the day for the guys, and I loved creating the intricate patterns. however Florals was the theme for the girls – always one of my favourite things to recreate on the peg dolls!

Mum was wearing a gorgeous, floor-length black dress which had huge poppies placed around it. The girls had pretty dresses which included frills, polkadots and flowers, so it was Pattern Heaven for yours truly!

peg dolls uk

Green and blue is always a favourite colour combination of mine. I loved making the little polka dot details along the ruffled neckline.

peg doll girls

Initially, I was a bit nervous of the amount of black on the dress of the Mum peg doll. Black is my least favourite colour to use on peg dolls over large areas. Black coloured pencil can look dull and scratchy on the wood.  But I needn’t have been worried. Set against the bright fuscia cardigan, and the bold giant floral images, it worked out beautifully. The flashes of white on the cardigan and leaves also helped to lift the overall effect.  I am really pleased with the end result.

peg doll mother and daughter set

Phil took the time to leave a comment on our Facebook page, letting me know that the gifts went down even better than he had hoped they would. A little piece of my heart and soul goes into each of the dolls whilst I spend hours working on them, so it’s always good to know that they are well-received by their new families!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr