Animal Lover Gifts (Cat and Chicken Lovers)!

cat, cat lovers, cat peg doll, pet lovers gift

It’s no secret that I’m a cat lover. I’m an animal lover in general, but cats are my true loves. You may have seen the evidence in this post previously. I’m an out and proud, bone-fide, card carrying member of the Crazy Cat Lady Club. I’ve always loved cats, but it was this little addition to our family that pushed me over the edge into that crazy “I just want to talk about cats all day” mentality. She came into my life when I really needed to have someone to love and care for. As a completely deaf kitten, she needed an indoor home, time, patience and love to train her in alternative ways. We were the perfect fit for each other. We needed each other.

We’re the apple of each others eyes! Of course I love our other two cats too, but Pearl is constantly by my side (or on my lap!). She does’t even let my husband so much as stroke her. She’s my girl. I hate leaving her, and if I’m not at home, she sits on my side of the bed until I come back – pining for me while I’m gone!

cat, cat lovers, cat peg doll, pet lovers gift

When we had her, the rescue shelter had already named her Pearl and it suited her perfectly. But we soon began calling her Pearl Bowie, due to her multicoloured eyes. I often sing “She’s got David Bowie Eyes,” to her to the tune of that Kim Carnes Bettie Davis Eyes song (wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the way in our bonkers house?!). Mr T says it’s just as well she can’t hear me!

So imagine my reaction when I saw my IG friend Sharon of Daisy Lions was creating a “Bowie Cat” character! A Ziggy Stardust-inspired little white cat! I just had to have him when he was finished! A Bowie Cat for my own Bowie-eyed cat!

cat lover, peg doll, cat gift
cat, cat lovers, cat peg doll, pet lovers gift

Pearl gave it a good inspection on arrival and gave it a massive paws-up and a purr of approval!

cat, cat lovers, cat peg doll, pet lovers gift

We both love it very much!

Being the good egg that she is, Sharon suggested a craft swap – so I created a personalised peg doll in return for the cat.

Sharon is an animal lover too. Her dog Daisy inspired the name of her business, and she spends her days dreaming up all sorts of cute and crazy animal characters that she brings to life through textiles and watercolour. Sharon described the clothes she’d love to see on her doll. However, I couldn’t resist adding a cheeky little extra character based on her beautiful little crazy chicks!

chicken, chicken lovers, pet lover, animal lover, gift for animal lover, peg doll

Here she is all pyrographed and sanded before I set to colouring her:

chicken, chicken lovers, pet lover, animal lover, gift for animal lover, peg doll

I loved the bright colours Sharon requested! So lovely to work with and really eye catching on the finished peg doll.

chicken, chicken lovers, pet lover, animal lover, gift for animal lover, peg doll

Instagram can be such a wonderful community, and it was a pleasure to create a personalised peg doll for someone who has become such a supportive and lovely friend over the past few years through this particular form of social media.

You can see Sharon’s amazing creations and funky chicks, foxes, owls, bees and other colourful characters here in her beautiful Folksy Shop!

If you’re looking for a gift for an animal lover, Sharon and I would both love to help you out!

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Wedding Peg Dolls with a 1920’s Twist

Every request for a set of personalised wedding peg dolls is super exciting, but especially when my lovely customers would like something different! Celine and Jo got in touch asking if I’d be able to make a set for them, and when I saw that gorgeous 1920’s style flapper outfits were involved, I of course jumped at the opportunity! Totally up my creative street!wedding peg dolls, wedding cake toppers, wedding cake topper,

Even more exciting was the fact that Jo is a super creative artist, and had designed the art work for their invites. Rather than working from photos, they were wondering if I’d be able to recreate her amazing artwork into peg doll forms of themselves!

I absolutely loved the fun portrait of them. What an absolute treat to be able to work from such a brilliant, fun and colourful original piece of art!

Jo posts lots of her drawing on Instagram as @Iknowjojocreates .  She’s also got an Etsy shop where you can buy her gorgeous goodies for yourself!

Girls after my own feline-loving heart, they wanted their cats to be part of their posse too!wedding peg dolls, wedding cake toppers, wedding cake topper,

I truly loved working on the amazing little details on their wedding peg dolls! The flowers and feathers in their hair and the colourful spectacles. The scarves and feather boa, the pleats and beads. Not to mention the bright colours! If this pair of peg dolls is anything to go by, their special day was going to be nothing short of fabulous!

wedding peg dolls, wedding cake toppers, wedding cake topper,

Just perfect! Celine and Jo reported back that they love their finished dolls, almost as much as I loved working on them!

If you’d like to see some of the other wedding peg doll creations and cake toppers I’ve made, pop over to my dedicated page here for more information and links to past work.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family, personalised peg doll

Game of Thrones Wedding Cake Toppers

I’m pretty certain that Game of Thrones needs no introduction! The show, based on the George RR Martin Song of Ice and Fire novels, has had us gripped since it first aired in 2011. Who doesn’t love a bit of kings, queens and dragons escapism every once in a while?

So it was only a matter of time before I was contacted to create some Game of Thrones Wedding Cake Toppers!

With just a few days left until Season 7, now seems the perfect time to share  them with you.

Nadine and Richard are huge fans of the show. While their wedding was going to be a traditional ceremony during the day, the evening was to take a bit of a fantastical twist. Nadine was changing into a replica Khaleesi dress, while her new husband would be sporting a suit of armour.

The couples’ two beloved cats were to feature on the cake too!
game of thrones wedding cake toppers, GOT, wooden peg dolls. cake topper, custom peg dolls,

The Khaleesi dress was SO much fun to recreate!  I love having the opportunity to break out my specialised finishes! I used some gorgeous metallic gold here to pick out the details on her chain metal belt.

khaleesi doll, khaleesi, game of thrones wedding cake topper, game of thrones, GOT

The lengths of sheer fabric hanging from her shoulders down her back called for some of my pearlised top coat. Lovely! I love working on little details like this. The back of each of my peg dolls receive just as much attention as the front.

khaleesi doll, khaleesi, game of thrones wedding cake topper

Nick’s outfit was just as fun to customise. They requested a specific coat of arms to reflect his family name. It might just be some of the tiniest details I’ve had to create to date!

suit of armour peg doll, knight peg doll, game of thrones wedding cake topper

Of course, the finished cake looked fantastic! It was created for them by Jenny Cooper of Coop Cakes. My  Game of Thrones wedding cake toppers perfectly matched the tiers’ themes of winter and of cogs, which are the iconic feature of the opening credits of the show.

game of thrones wedding cake topper, Game of thrones wedding cake

And because all love cake, here’s another shot! 🙂

game of thrones wedding cake topper, Game of thrones wedding cake

So if you are considering ordering a bespoke Wedding Cake Topper from me, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box like Nick and Nadine. Your dolls will be completely customised to your ideas and specifications. Therefore they could be wearing any outfits or reflect any interests you can think of!

For more details about our custom cake toppers see our Wedding Toppers information page. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form at the top of the website if you have any questions!

game of thrones wedding cake toppers, custom peg dolls, cake topper

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

peg doll family

Meet the Peg Doll Maker Series – Part IV- My Helpers!

Welcome to Part Four of my Meet the Peg Doll Maker series, helping you to get to know us a little more. It’s based on the prompts provided by Joanne Hawker for the month long Instagram challenge designed to help small business owners and creatives to tell the story behind their brand.

The prompt for Day 19 of  #marchmeetthemaker was Helper…As you know an awful lot of work goes into every peg doll I make, therefore a lot goes on behind the scenes. As much as I try to do almost all of it on my own, some family members won’t take no for an answer when they offer assistance. Especially those  four-legged family members! So I think you’ll agree that this prompt deserves a post all of its own! You’ll have to scroll through all the pics to fully grasp the roles of everyone here at Pink Elephant Crafts.

Little Pearl holds several key positions in the company and to be honest pretty much runs the joint here. She is :

1. Official Guard of the Pencils. Don’t. Touch. The. Yellow. Pencils.

cute kitten with coloured pencils

2. Stock Controller. Who knew that cats had such great numerical abilities?

cute kitten with wooden peg dolls

3. Storage Manager . This role mainly involves sleeping in stacked up boxes and on important bits of paper.

cute kitten hiding in peg doll storage box

4.Photoshop supervisor. Did somebody say the “mouse” is moving?!

cute kitten helps edit pictures of peg dolls in photoshop

5. Paintbrush inspector.  A sniff and a little nibble usually weeds out any duff brushes.

cute white kitten inspects peg doll artists paintbrushes

6. Grabber of Things from the Printer. An essential role in every office.

cute white kitten helps with the office printer

She is often joined by Cookie (our third cat Dexter has chosen not to be involved in the family business) and together they prowl the studio windowsill to guard against threats of corporate espionage (mainly from next doors’ dog).

cute cats in peg doll artists studio

They also help with the cleaning by ensuring anything on my studio desk is knocked to its “rightful” place on the floor.

cute cats on peg doll artists desk

That’s the main important roles here covered really.

Oh! Occasionally I get a little bit of casual help from two family members. Once in a while, Mr T redesigns and makes sure that my website and spreadsheets are all working. I break them a lot. He might make a cuppa every now and then too. Sometimes his Dad will make me a jig and drill a load of dolls for me. However, I have been considering bringing the pair of slackers in for a disciplinary 😉

drilling and sanding in the pegdoll workshop

Hehehe! I’m lucky to have so much support  in making my personalised peg doll families at Pink Elephant Crafts!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Peg Dolls ~ Caturday

If you’re a cat lover, like me, you’re in for a peg dolls treat today!

There’s a few reasons for this post, the first being that this week has marked both the UK’s  Cat Protection National Black Cat day, and US’s National Cat Day.

Secondly (and most excitedly), we welcomed a brand new furry friend into our household yesterday. We already have two beautiful cats, but when we saw a call for an indoor home for a special little cat who is deaf, we couldn’t resist adopting her.

Here she is, little Pearl. She was given her name by the Cat Sanctuary, but I thought it suited her perfectly. Well, that and the fact that the only alternatives Mr T could come up with were Whitefang and Wolfie *rolls eyes*.

Cute white kitten on Caturday

She is just 8 weeks old and very confident. She helped herself to our others cats food without a second glance within minutes of being home.  Hoovering was interesting this morning too! I’m used to the cats scarpering at the sound and hiding under the beds until I’ve finished. But to little Pearl the vacuuming was just one big game and she loved chasing it around and around! I guess if you can’t hear it, it’s not scary! She is an absolute doll and has completely won our hearts already. She’s going to be a big fan of the peg dolls too….if sitting on a box of them is anything to go by….

CUte white kitten plays with pegdolls on national cat day

Finally, one of my favourite Instagram hashtags is quickly becoming #Caturday every Saturday. What better way to spend an extra five minutes in bed on the weekend than looking at cute cat pictures? And as today is Caturday, I’m going to indulge in a few of my own, wooden Caturday pictures with you.

peg dolls for cat lovers

These furry friends formed part of a VERY exciting peg dolls wedding cake topper which I will be excited to share soon:

peg doll cats wearing collars

Cats vs Dog……

peg dolls cats and dog

peg doll girl with her cat and kitten

I recreated a beautiful Siamese and British Blue for this special peg doll gift set.

british blue cat and siamese cat peg dolls

And a good old Black and white moggy.

peg doll gift for cat lovers

You can keep your eye out for more cat peg doll creations in our gallery here!

Happy Caturday folks!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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