Personalised Graduation Gift idea – Peg Doll

It’s almost that time of year when the cloaks are dusted off and caps are donned…

….and family and friends all over the country are scratching their heads about one question. What lovely gift they could get their new Graduate to mark this ceremonious occasion?

Get in touch to find out about how I can make one of my personalised graduation gift peg dolls for you like these below!

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Working from your photos, I can create a likeness in hair and clothing of your graduate on the peg doll. The coloured hood worn on the shoulders can also be personalised to match what your recipient will be wearing on the day; they vary by course and university. This particular information can be found out by contacting the University’s Graduation Office, or the secretary of their course.

personalised graduation gift, graduation peg doll, graduate gift, graduation

Feel free to use your imagination too! Here’s a personalised graduation gift peg doll that I created for a massive Captain America Fan. Her mum requested that the doll be wearing a Captain America dress. Of course I was only to happy to accommodate the fab request!personalised graduation gift, wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

The cap and gowns of my personalised graduation dolls come painted in chalkboard paint. This adds to the idea of academia. Needless to say, each peg doll proudly clutches a scroll in their hands.

personalised graduation gift, peg doll personalised graduation gift

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of wearing of a cap and gown on graduation arises from? This custom can apparently is traced back as far as the 12th and 13th centuries here in Europe. In fact, Time Magazine states that they were worn by academics on completing their studies in order to distinguish them from the “ordinary” folk in the town! So I think it’s reassuring that most modern day graduates, while rightly proud of their hard work, are a little more down to Earth than their historic counterparts!

As always,
Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family, personalised peg doll

Easter Bunny Peg Dolls – Happy Easter – Pasg Hapus

Our Easter Bunny Peg Dolls would just like to wish you all a Happy Easter!

Or, as we say here in Wales, Pasg Hapus! The Easter Bunny Peg Dolls are excited at the prospect of a day of consuming vast quantities of chocolate!

Easter Bunny peg dolls, non-chocolate Easter gifts

easter peg dolls, easter gifts, easter bunny, easter decorationseaster gifts, easter bunny, bunny peg dolls, easter decorations, spring decorUnfortunately, it’s not a very spring-like day here for Easter Sunday. Never the less, our little garden is starting to slowly burst into colour.

peg doll families int he Easter garden

The bluebells are starting to open, the tulips are in full bloom, and the Alliums and Lily of the Valley are sprouting nicely.

peg doll family in the easter garden

peg doll families

We are currently having  the kitchen replaced. It’s a dusty scene of devastation, so it’s lovely to have this little area of colour to escape to. Let’s hope it stays dry so we can enjoy it a bit more.

Despite that, we are open for custom orders as always! Take a look at our information page here to find out more about placing a custom order.

Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend, what ever you are up to and however you chose to celebrate.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family

Peg Dolls – New Arrivals: Graduation Dolls

personalised graduation peg doll gift

It’s that time of year again in the UK, where students up and down the country are fervently spell-checking and word-counting their dissertations, together with pulling all-nighters to cram the last vital pieces of knowledge and information into their brains in preparation for the final exams.

Reward all their hard work and celebrate this momentous occasion by giving them a graduation peg doll. Handmade and personalised by me, for you.

graduation picI’ve been there, done it and worn the graduation cap! Five years ago, I was getting ready for my final days as a University student. I was a mature student and had given up a full time job to go to Uni. Therefore it was a huge and daunting step to return to education. I was incredibly nervous about all that lay ahead.

However, it really was the best experience of my life! I loved every minute of the course. I made fantastic, special friends that I still love to pieces eight years on. Wearing that cap and gown on graduation day is about far more than getting a certificate. It’s a testimony to having grown as a person; socially, emotionally and professionally. A mark of the dedication and hard work you have poured into your studies over the years that proceeded the pomp and ceremony. It simultaneously marks the end of an era, and the start of a new beginning.

 While recently reminiscing about my student days, I became inspired to create a Graduation  peg doll. It’s the perfect gift for a student about to embark on the next chapter of their life.

As always, our peg dolls are handmade to order in our little Welsh studio. The hair colour/style and dress/suit can be customised to represent your recipient. In a slight departure to our usual technique where our dolls are 100% hand coloured with highly pigmented pencils; the cap and gowns of our Graduation dolls are hand painted with real chalkboard  paint. This is in keeping with the education theme and gives a lovely flat matt finish to the peg doll. This enables you to chalk a date or small message to the back of the gown, if you so wish.

graduation peg doll

The hood of the doll can also be customised to represent your recipient too. Every degree at each UK university has a different colour hood (the colourful sash worn around the neck and  over the gown). My friends and I were thrilled to find that our hoods were a lovely turquoise colour on graduation day. This inspired the colour on the little wooden peg doll in my photos. However, the hood of your peg doll can be the same colour as the one your recipient will wear for their graduation. Information regarding the colour of the hood that will be worn is obtainable from the University’s Graduation Office, or from the secretary for the course they are undertaking.

For more details on making an order, pop over to our prices page, or use the contact us button! We’d really love to make a special little peg doll to help commemorate this special time in your lives.

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Good luck to all those student in their final year here in the UK – this is the final hurdle, you can do it!!

Cariad ♥ Mawr,