Personalised Graduation Gift idea – Peg Doll

It’s almost that time of year when the cloaks are dusted off and caps are donned…

….and family and friends all over the country are scratching their heads about one question. What lovely gift they could get their new Graduate to mark this ceremonious occasion?

Get in touch to find out about how I can make one of my personalised graduation gift peg dolls for you like these below!

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Working from your photos, I can create a likeness in hair and clothing of your graduate on the peg doll. The coloured hood worn on the shoulders can also be personalised to match what your recipient will be wearing on the day; they vary by course and university. This particular information can be found out by contacting the University’s Graduation Office, or the secretary of their course.

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Feel free to use your imagination too! Here’s a personalised graduation gift peg doll that I created for a massive Captain America Fan. Her mum requested that the doll be wearing a Captain America dress. Of course I was only to happy to accommodate the fab request!personalised graduation gift, wooden peg dolls. cake topper, cakes, wooden, dolls, custom peg dolls, bespoke peg dolls

The cap and gowns of my personalised graduation dolls come painted in chalkboard paint. This adds to the idea of academia. Needless to say, each peg doll proudly clutches a scroll in their hands.

personalised graduation gift, peg doll personalised graduation gift

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of wearing of a cap and gown on graduation arises from? This custom can apparently is traced back as far as the 12th and 13th centuries here in Europe. In fact, Time Magazine states that they were worn by academics on completing their studies in order to distinguish them from the “ordinary” folk in the town! So I think it’s reassuring that most modern day graduates, while rightly proud of their hard work, are a little more down to Earth than their historic counterparts!

As always,
Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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