Teacher Gifts Peg Dolls ~ They’re here!

I have teased about our Teacher Gifts peg dolls on Facebook and Instagram, but they are finally live and ready in the shop!

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Developed from our Christmas Count Down idea which use our very own original and pioneering Drilled Doll design, each teacher peg doll comes complete with it’s own real little pencil. Ready and on-hand for all those marking, note writing, and sketching jobs!

additionally, The teacher gift peg dolls can be personalised with a short name or message free of charge:

teacher gift, teacher thank you gift, thank you teacher, best teacher, end of term, teacher giftsteacher gifts, best teacher, end of term teacher gifts, end of term, best teacher, thank you teacher

As always, each peg doll has been individually hand crafted using our unique, skilled process. Each will come beautifully packaged ready to give to your recipient and will be complete with a Care Card. Find them here!

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The Adventures of Mini Bob the Personalised Peg Doll

Sometimes my personalised peg doll commissions put more of a smile on my face than I expect!

Earlier this year, a lovely friend contacted me to ask if I could make an extra special present for her Dad’s birthday.  Little did I know that this small request would lead to the exciting Adventures of Bob the Peg Doll – or Mini Bob as he’s now affectionately known!

Here he is in all his glory:

Mini Bob the personalised Peg doll

The special details requested for this PERSONALIsED peg doll included the cable-knit cardigan, checked shirt and walking stick.

cabled jumper, grandad peg doll,

It turns out that Bob, and Mini Bob, are both rather partial to a slap up meal and a cream tea or two!

Thank you to lovely Debbie for allowing me to share these brilliant photos of her Dad and his personalised peg doll!

Meet Bob and Mini Bob!

Personalised peg doll from Pink Elephant crafts, grandparents gift idea

The Two Bobs know how to live it up!
Adventures of a personalised peg doll

Roast dinners, fizzy cocktails, icecreams, not to mentioned cooked Breakfasts?!  I am certainly a little bit jealous of what these two have been getting up to on their trips!

However, this luxury lifestyle doesn’t come without it’s problems……..
One of the Bobs doesn’t seem to know his limits. The proof is in the Scones and Clotted Cream! It’s a total wipe out!

Cream Tea – 1 : 0 – Mini Bob

Adventures of Mini Bob the personalised peg doll

~ As a side note – are you a jam or cream first person? Answers in the comments! Meanwhile, the age old debate raged on here a  few years ago, and is apparently down to geography ~

It really is so lovely seeing the fun and laughter that my little personalised peg dolls bring to people! They truly are treasured.

personalised peg doll, granddad peg doll, grandparents gift

So who can I create for you to take on your own mini adventure? If you’d like your own Mini Personalised Peg Doll, prices start at just £14 each. Have a look for more information about personalised commissions here and then get in touch using the contact form.

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Grandparents Day

Did you know that this Sunday, October 1st, is National Grandparents Day?  It was introduced by Age UK in 1990, to of course honour the wonderful Grannies and Granddads in our lives.

I know that my late Nanny and Grandpa played a huge part in my life growing up. Due to their creativity,  I feel they inspired much of my interest in arts and crafts when I was young. They were always working on their lovely garden, and my grandpa loved telling my about the correspondence art course he took when he was young. I remember him showing me how to use shading to make drawings look realistic. My grandmother always had a project on the go. From embroidery, crochet and knitting, to gem stone trees and paper quilling, she’d always have something creative on her lap, every day. Of course I always wanted a go and she was always happy to indulge me. Maybe without their inspiration, Pink Elephant Crafts and my little wooden peg dolls would not be here as a result today!

How do you honour your Grandparents and show them how much you love and appreciate them? AS can be seen here, Lots of my lovely customers are choosing to show them by giving them a gift as lovely and truly as unique as they are….. My peg dolls! 

Grandparents Day Peg Dolls, granddad present, grandpa peg doll

grandparents day peg dolls

vicar peg doll, peg doll grandparents, grandparents day peg dolls, grandparents day

Grandparents Day Peg Dolls, granddad present, grandpa peg doll

peg doll grandparents, grandparents day peg dolls, grandparents day

peg dolls grandma and grandpa, peg doll grandparents, grandparents day peg dolls, grandparents day

I’ve also previously written a blog post about this lovely Grandparents Peg Doll set that included the grandchildren too.

You can find out more about Age UK, GrandParents Day and support the excellent work they do on their website.

 Can I create some Grandparents Day Peg Dolls for that special couple who loved and inspired you growing up? As always, find out more about what the personalised peg doll process entails on our information page here.

In loving memory of my very own Nanny and Grandpa, who although I miss greatly continue to inspire me every day.

Grandparents Day

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peg doll family

Peg Doll Vicar Retirement Gift

Believe me when I say I can create almost any peg doll and anything goes. This peg doll vicar is testimony to that!

We don’t do many craft fayres. Due to the fact that we are lucky to be kept very busy with orders for personalised peg dolls, it can be hard to schedule time to create “stock”. I’m also not a huge fan of mass production. However, when we do attend fayres, they are great for meeting and sharing our work with lovely people, who quite often decide to find out more about placing a bespoke order.

This was one of those cases.

A lady spent time looking at our stall, and then explained that her dad would shortly be retiring from his job, and would I be able to make a peg doll to commemorate this?  She was incredibly proud of all that he had done throughout his career, and was hoping that I could recreate his Archdeacon gown. Of course, I was excited by the potential challenge of this!

vicar peg doll, peg doll grandparents

I loved working with the rich golden colours. Creating the effect of the beautiful embroidered Celtic knot patterns was particularly up my street!

vicar peg doll, personalised retirement gift

I also had to make Mum to accompany the vicar peg doll. My customer didn’t have any specific clothing pictures to send me. My brief was “a scarf….mustard, navy and maybe some stripes”. It was quite exciting to have free reign over the clothing design, and a refreshing contrast to closely recreating all the important detail on the ceremonial gown.

peg doll grandparents set, peg doll couple, peg doll vicar

Who doesn’t like a classic Breton Stripe?!

peg doll lady in stripey top

Is there a unique peg doll I could create for you?

To find out more about the techniques I use to create this peg doll vicar, and each little personalised peg doll family I create, take a look here.

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peg doll family