The Adventures of Mini Bob the Personalised Peg Doll

Sometimes my personalised peg doll commissions put more of a smile on my face than I expect!

Earlier this year, a lovely friend contacted me to ask if I could make an extra special present for her Dad’s birthday.  Little did I know that this small request would lead to the exciting Adventures of Bob the Peg Doll – or Mini Bob as he’s now affectionately known!

Here he is in all his glory:

Mini Bob the personalised Peg doll

The special details requested for this PERSONALIsED peg doll included the cable-knit cardigan, checked shirt and walking stick.

cabled jumper, grandad peg doll,

It turns out that Bob, and Mini Bob, are both rather partial to a slap up meal and a cream tea or two!

Thank you to lovely Debbie for allowing me to share these brilliant photos of her Dad and his personalised peg doll!

Meet Bob and Mini Bob!

Personalised peg doll from Pink Elephant crafts, grandparents gift idea

The Two Bobs know how to live it up!
Adventures of a personalised peg doll

Roast dinners, fizzy cocktails, icecreams, not to mentioned cooked Breakfasts?!  I am certainly a little bit jealous of what these two have been getting up to on their trips!

However, this luxury lifestyle doesn’t come without it’s problems……..
One of the Bobs doesn’t seem to know his limits. The proof is in the Scones and Clotted Cream! It’s a total wipe out!

Cream Tea – 1 : 0 – Mini Bob

Adventures of Mini Bob the personalised peg doll

~ As a side note – are you a jam or cream first person? Answers in the comments! Meanwhile, the age old debate raged on here a  few years ago, and is apparently down to geography ~

It really is so lovely seeing the fun and laughter that my little personalised peg dolls bring to people! They truly are treasured.

personalised peg doll, granddad peg doll, grandparents gift

So who can I create for you to take on your own mini adventure? If you’d like your own Mini Personalised Peg Doll, prices start at just £14 each. Have a look for more information about personalised commissions here and then get in touch using the contact form.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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