Meet the Peg Doll Maker – Part V

Welcome to the penultimate post in our behind-the-scenes Meet the Peg Doll Maker series that explains more about how each beautiful peg doll family is made. The posts are inspired by the month long challenge that we took part in on Instagram, created by Joanne Hawker.

You’re joining us for day 20 – 25. For the previous days, please see the earlier posts in this series. They can be found by clicking on the “Meet the Maker” tag in the Popular Tags cloud on the right of the page.

day 20: Sketch books

peg doll family planning

Whilst I don’t tend to sketch my actual peg doll ideas, I’m a big list maker/visual planner. I’m also a bit of a pretty stationery hoarder. What is it about notebooks?! I love squared paper and found it perfect for mapping my fairaisle designs for the Christmas Jumper Birds I made last year. As well as physical notebooks, I also use my ipad to stay organised. My favourites include Paper and Planner Plus Xxx

day 21: Inspiration

peg doll family

My inspiration for my peg dolls is YOU GUYS and the fabulous photos you send me to work from! I always suggest that colourful and patterned clothing works best for each member of your peg doll family. Plus that means that it’s much more fun for me 😉. You rarely disappoint! 😍💕

Day 22: Close Up

peg doll lady in stripey top

Following on from yesterdays post, here’s a close up of a recent make. My customer didn’t have any clothing pictures to send me, so my brief was “mustard, navy and maybe some stripes”. Lush 💛💙

Day 23: Recent Make

peg doll wedding cake topper

This is a very recent make as it only got posted off to its forever home on Monday! I don’t usually show wedding toppers until after the couple’s big day. However this was a special commission for a baker to use on her cakes at Wedding Fairs, so I can share away. I am having a little play at using more props in my photos too. What do you think? Xxx

DAY 24: milestone

I was really unsure what to post for todays’ prompt. As I was thinking about I realised that, while it’s not a numerical milestone, it’s an achievement for me to actually be building the confidence to show and talk about what I do. So I decided to post this video I made last week to demonstrate that.
In the last couple of weeks I’ve been approached to exhibit at two different exciting upcoming events. One of which is one of the BIGGEST annual events in South Wales that draws people from all over the UK. Needless to say I was floored to be invited, but I think I have to turn it down. This is partly due to confidence, partly due to feeling we’re not big enough, and partly that the event, although massive, isn’t right for my peg doll family. I’m still mulling over the second opportunity though so watch this space! I believe in my pegdolls 100%…but my confidence in myself still has a way to go yet. I’m getting there bit by bit! 💕 xx

Day 25: Packaging

pretty packaging for every peg doll family

It’s always lovely to send off my pretty packages. 🎁 Each peg doll is individually wrapped in pink tissue, then all your peg doll family is wrapped together in stripey or spotted tissue, sealed with my branded sticker. They are placed into the stripey bag along with a business card and (new for 2017) a care card to help you or your recipient look after your investment. I usually work closely with my customers to make their dolls. As a result build a lovely rapport with them; so I always like to include a nice handwritten note to thank them for their custom. I feel it’s little touches like that which make buying handmade and bespoke such a special experience. It’s far better than mass-produced high street items. 💕

I hope you’re enjoying following along with this series of posts. The 6th and final installment will be along shortly.

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Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family