Peg Dolls ~ Backpacker Peg Doll

Do you remember when our little peg dolls stowed away in my luggage for a sneaky Summer Holiday?

It appears peg dolls do indeed have the travel bug….as this backpacker peg doll shows!

backpacker peg doll

She was commissioned as a very special cake topper by a gentleman who, although a seasoned globe trotter,  had never purchased anything on the internet! I was quite honored to have inspired his first online purchase! It was completed and sent out to him in time to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday whilst on their travels. As with all dolls requested as a cake topper, she was drilled and provided with a removable rod to help secure on top of the birthday cake.

As always, I worked from photos sent to me by the customer. The backpacker details included sunglasses on the head and a camera bag slung around her shoulder.

Backpacker peg doll with camera bag

My customer wanted to include the trusty purple backpack that his girlfriend hauls her belongings in on their travels. I didn’t have a specific photo to work from for it so had a bit of artistic license to play with. I always love including personal details like this that make each of my peg dolls truly unique to their recipient.

Backpacker peg dolls with rucksack

With all the icy wind and rain we have had here over the last few weeks, working on this little doll sparked several day dreams about exploring new places and lazy days in sunnier climes. I had a peep at the Top 10 Backpacking Destinations for this year. Interestingly, despite moaning about the cold weather here, it was Iceland that would be top of my list to visit!

Are you planning on spending a little time as a backpacker? Where will you go, and what will you pack into your tiny back pack? Happy daydreaming!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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