Cake Topper Peg Dolls

Did you know our peg dolls also make the perfect wedding cake topper?

I was asked to make a set of peg dolls consisting of a couple and their much-loved dog. This  was a very special gift to a bride and groom from the Mother of the Bride. As the happy couple spend their time walking the pooch and building their dream home, comfy hoodies and jeans were the order of the day.

 wedding cake topper couple

The little details, as always, were lovely to add to these peg dolls. I really enjoyed creating the plaited hair style on the bride. A little artistic licence allowed me to add a flower too! I loved the fact that I was told the groom wears shorts most of the year round. Reminds me of my own Mr T who never seems to feel the cold and is always in long shorts. Men eh?

My lovely customer confided that she hoped that they would use the peg dolls as their wedding cake topper. So imagine my delight when she sent me these pictures following the big day!

Peg doll wedding cake topper couple bride and groom

How sweet do they look on top of that beautiful naked wedding cake?

If you would like your peg dolls to be used as a cake topper,  let us know when you order. We will drill the dolls and provide you with removable wooden rods. These will secure your toppers into the cake, but are easily removed afterwards. Then your cake topper can sit on a shelf or table just like our regular peg dolls, allowing them to be treasured and enjoyed well beyond your special day. You can find a little bit more information about them here.

Peg doll wedding cake topper

My peg doll order book is still closed until mid November. However if you would like to be placed on our waiting list please just drop me a line via the contact form on this website. Alternatively, drop me a direct email at 

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