Making Cake Toppers for a Top Cake Maker

One of my favourite things to make are always requests for personalised peg doll wedding cake toppers. I may just have mentioned it once or twice before! I love playing a tiny part in a couple’s special day, working with them to bring their ideas to life.

Quite often there are lots of special, sentimental details to include, and I love finding out the stories behind them. Often, I get to see the Bride’s dress before most other people, and I feel like the keeper of many special, beautiful secrets!

However, one day an email landed in my inbox which was a bit different. It was a request for a bride and groom cake topper, but it wasn’t from a bride-to-be. There were no dress or hairstyle pictures.

But, there was the same level of excitement from my potential customer!

The email was, infact, from a lovely Baker called Michele, who runs Icing on the Cake in Somerset. She had an idea in her mind for a cake that she wished to showcase at Wedding Fayres, and it required peg doll cake toppers. A little Google search led her to my website, so she emailed to see if I could create her a Bride and Groom.

How exciting to be able to create one of my favourite products, but with more or less free-reign design wise!

Here’s the beautiful little peg doll couple that I created for her.

bride and groom peg doll wedding cake toppers

peg doll wedding cake toppers

Michele had spotted a dress style that she liked on one of my previous cake toppers, that she felt would fit well with her cake design. I recreated a similar style dress, and added a pretty bouquet of pink roses.

peg doll bride cake topper

I chose a navy suit, similar to the one she had spotted. But as I had a little freedom with the details, I decided to give the groom a floral tie – a look which is rising in popularity right now. It was so much fun making the repeating pattern of tiny pink roses with their little green leaves. Of course, a matching pocket square was in order too!

peg doll groom cake topper

Michele was really pleased with the result, sending me a photo of the peg dolls on top of her lace-trimmed cake. We’re hoping to collaborate with each other again in the near future.

wedding cake toppers on lacey cake

For more information on our peg doll Wedding cake toppers, and how to order your own, see our
dedicated Wedding Cake Toppers page.

We’d truly love to work with you in creating something special for your wedding day.

As always,

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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