Personalised Peg Dolls – Making a Custom Order

 personalised peg dolls

It’s super easy to order custom, personalised peg dolls from us. All we need to get started is a few photos – the more the better!

On placing your custom peg doll order, we email you a copy of our full pdf guide to choosing the perfect photos to enable me to create little wooden peg doll representations of you and your family or friends.

My favourite part of creating  personalised peg dolls is the little details in the clothing. As my dolls have a specific facial style, it is often the clothes which are the significant factor in revealing the identities of the peg dolls. We ask customers to chose photos where the person is wearing bright and colourful clothes- these give the best results on completed peg dolls over dark and drab colours. I find that stripes, checks, tartans, florals, polka dots and other distinctive, repeating patterns work beautifully. Of course, I do have to use a little artistic license to due to the size, shape, and texture/grain of the dolls and the nature of artists pencils, but I endeavour to recreate the clothing as closely as possible so that each doll’s outfit is recognisable as belonging to the person that the little peg doll represents.

One of my favourite sets to date was this colourful Mother and Daughter pair. The little girls’ floral coat and sherbert-toned tartan shorts were so much fun to recreate, as was the mums’ pink animal print jacket. Gorgeous!

Cariad ♥ Mawr