Personalised peg dolls – it’s all in the details!

With all of the custom, personalised peg dolls that I make, it’s all in the details! The facial features of my dolls are all similar in style, with their rosy cheeks and closed, contented eyes, so it’s the hair and clothes which help to transform them into little wooden representations of real-life people!

As I mentioned in my last post, the clothing is the key here, and I love working with pretty details on colourful and patterned clothes.  I received this lovely little commission to make a peg doll gift set for a very special friend, and couldn’t wait to find the perfect photos to start on their personalised dolls! Personalised peg doll couple gift set 2


Recreating patterns in a way that works well on the tiny peg dolls is my favourite part of my work and I was really pleased with how this lovely, pretty top worked out! The peg dolls made a long journey all the way from Wales, here in the UK, to their new home in Sydney, Australia – lucky, lucky little personalised peg dolls I say!!

Happy Saturday lovelies xxx

Cariad ♥ Mawr