Making our Peg Dolls

I know I talk a lot about how much love goes into each individual peg doll that I make (you can see for yourself in our gallery here)…. as a small business you have to be passionate about your craft – luckily it comes easily to us because we we love what we do!

Well this week I’m taking part in the “Meet the Maker week” on Instagram, and today’s challenge was “In Action”.

Following from my last post, it’s provided the opportunity to make a timelapse of how each peg doll is created. I did have to cut out some parts – even at x8 speed the video would have been super long otherwise! It’s just under 4 minutes long and that alone took some editing. Each peg doll takes hours, it’s not a process that can be sped up in real life. You can also view it over on our Facebook page. Instagram only allows minute-long videos, so it was a total headache whole lot of fun editing it down to that! *rolls eyes*. So if you’re short on time, you can see the short version of it on our Instagram account.

Either way, I’d love you to take a few minutes to watch it! Take a peep to witness the love that has gone into each peg doll, whether you already have one of my peg dolls or if you are considering ordering one. You’ll see that they truly are labours of love and that they are very special indeed!

Plus…it’s December!!!!! How in the world did that happen?! It’s come around so quickly. I’m itching to put the tree up, but we’re having a new sofa next week so it has to wait until after that. I’ll have to make do with our little wooden trees that we make to compliment our Christmas peg dolls until then!

peg dolls christmas tree decorations

We have one more Christmas fayre this coming Saturday, a huge commision to finish (our biggest to date), and then we can relax for a few days! But with our order books already full until Mid February, we can’t stop for long!

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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