The Wedding Cake Topper that Sparked Creativity

Inspiration is a wonderful thing and can be drawn from many places. I love reading about who or what inspires artists in their work, and to see how that transpires into the result. I especially enjoy people using materials and resources in unexpected ways, rather than as they were intended. Wedding cake topper included!

Little did I know that when my lovely customer Gita asked me to make her Wedding Cake Topper, the little wooden bride and groom would not stop at just adorning the top of their cake!

wedding cake toppers peg dolls

Gita was lovely to work with from start to finish. She provided me with plenty of photos of all the details of their special day to help me create their bespoke peg dolls.

Her beautifully beaded dress had the most gorgeous scooped cowl back that was such a lovely detail to recreate.

wedding cake toppers peg dolls

Gita originally planned an elegant braided up-do, finished with a beautiful crystal-encrusted comb and pearl hair piece. It was the perfect excuse for me to use my specialised finishes!

WEdding cake topper peg dolls

The bridal bouquet included crystals, pearls and delicate feathers. It was so pretty, and a total delight to recreate.

WEdding cake topper peg dolls

The Groom didn’t come without his own special details;  peaked lapels and oxblood brogues were also on the creative to-do list.
WEdding cake topper peg dolls

After their celebration, Gita pointed me towards a tweet from their venue, showing their wedding cake topper in situ.

wedding cake topper peg dolls personalised handmade

Picture credit: @Finchspub on Twitter

But the lovely surprises didn’t stop there.  Next, Gita emailed me to say that she’d cleverly made her own Thank You cards featuring their wooden peg dolls! I was so excited when she sent me photos of her creativity. So, peg dolls are for life, not just for wedding cakes!

WEdding cake topper peg dolls

Picture Credit: Gita Prabhu

I really love them sitting on top of the traditional London Double Decker bus!

WEdding cake topper peg dolls

Picture Credit: Gita Prabhu

A big thank you to Gita for kindly allowing me to share her pictures. It was really lovely to see my peg dolls being used in such a different and creative way.

 Of course, with removable cake rods, our peg dolls are designed to be perfect for displaying in your home for years to come, but I hope that Gita has inspired other couples to think outside the box for uses of their peg dolls after their big day.

Of course, you can find out more about how we can create peg dolls for you, just like we did for Gita, here.

Sws ♥ Mawr

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