Peg Dolls – Plaits & Kitty Cats

Child and Cat peg dolls
We had a very happy little customised peg doll recipient on our hands this week. I totally loved creating this cute Child and Cat peg dolls set for a very special little  girl. The tiny cat and kitten were fun to burn and colour. Needless to say recreating the little girls’ “signature hair style” of a side French plait was lovely to do too! I had complete artistic freedom with the outfit. Therefore I chose something bright and colourful to make the peg doll set as appealing as possible to the little girl.

little girl and kitten peg dolls set

She was thrilled when she opened the peg dolls. The cats spilled out of the pretty package first, and she recognised them as her beloved Potter and Luna straight away. She is a big Harry Potter fan! She squealed “It’s me!” when she pulled out the little girl peg doll. Clearly, she was was so excited to see that her wooden doll had a matching plait in her hair! It is certainly such a lovely feeling to see my little wooden peg dolls bringing such joy and excitement to a darling little girl!

This  Child and Cat peg dolls set was a lovely commission. However, if you’re not a cat lover, do not fear! I can happily make dogs too! Pugs in particular seem to be quite a common request. I’m always happy to accommodate any requests.

 If you’d like to record the special bond that your child shares with their pet, my Child and Pet customised wooden peg doll sets start at just £12…see our price list for more details.

It’s looking like a beautiful, sunshine-filled weekend here in Wales! Hope you have had a lovely week wherever you are in the UK and make the most of this lovely weather over the weekend!

Cariad ♥ mawr,