Welsh Doll – Cwtch


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This beautiful Welsh Doll peg lady is the perfect welsh gift for someone who is a lover of this beautiful country which is known for its’ Celtic roots, stunning coastlines and green valleys.

Proudly holding her “Cwtch” bunting, she’s perfect way of showing a special someone just how much you care about them, as cwtch is the Welsh word for hug. There is nothing warmer and more comforting than a great big Welsh cwtch!

My Welsh doll Ladies are packed with lots of well-researched details:

The Cwtch Welsh Lady Doll is decorated in a traditional Welsh Costume. She is wearing a black and red checked bedgown, which historically would have been made of flannel woven in a local Welsh wool mill. Underneath this she has a red woollen skirt and white blouse. Her traditional fringed shawl is grey with a white polka-dot pattern. On her head she is wearing a cockle-style Welsh hat, with a lace-edged mob cap gently peeping out from underneath.

Her face has my signature style of adorable little rosy cheeks and happily closed eyes. Beautiful woodgrain markings are visible on her dress and face.

She stands at approx 9cm tall, and is approximately 4cm across at her widest part. 

You can find out more about these dolls in detail on my blog post here.



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