Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers: A Need for Speed

When I received an email from Natalie asking if I could squeeze in a set of personalised wedding cake toppers at short notice, I was really happy to be able to help! I usually advise allowing at least six weeks before ordering because my books can get super busy.

However, I know sometimes life can’t be timetabled! I am always willing to try to work out a way of getting your order in if possible. And this was one of those happy circumstances! I was able to create this lovely little pair of peg dolls in time for their big day.

bride and groom peg doll wedding cake toppers

It’s always wonderful to receive a picture of the peg dolls on top of the wedding cake! I love the way the bunting is framing them here. The perfect finishing touch!

peg doll wedding cake toppers

If you fancy making your own bunting to top your cake, I’ve pinned this handy little tutorial on my Wedding Cake Toppers Pinterest Board for you:

Natalie had chosen a lovely lacey dress, complimented with a simple pearl necklace and classic bouquet of blush roses.

personalised wedding cake toppers

I was a bit excited about the necklace. I always love being able to break out my special pearl finish! It leaves a slightly raised, dimensional dot as can be seen in the photo below. The perfect peg doll accessory!

bride peg doll wedding cake topper

The back of the dress was also beautiful, and highly detailed. I LOVE this sort of lacework – recreating the tiny patterns is so therapeutic!

bride peg doll wedding cake topper

Natalie hadn’t fully finalised her hair, so we decided to opt for a classic up do dressed with some pearls and tiny white flowers for the peg doll.

bride peg doll wedding cake topper

The Bride and Groom peg dolls looked lovely on top of the cake, and I was so pleased that Natalie and her husband allowed me to share their pictures here with you!

personalised wedding cake toppers

To find out more about our personalised wedding cake toppers, and how you can place an order, have a look at our dedicated page here.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

peg doll family