International Women’s Day 2018 – A celebration in Peg Dolls

March the 8th marks the annual celebration of Women through International Women’s Day.  Not only is it a day to commemorate the progress and campaigning that women have done within the equal rights movement, but with gender parity cited to still be 200 years away, it also aims to ensure that we continue to #pressforprogress so that the plight of women and girls who are denied their equality, rights and freedom will have their voices heard. You can find out more about this here.

I truly love this job that I have carved out for myself, to suit my needs and my lifestyle, and to provide for my husband and I. A favourite part of my work is seeing the photos of such a rich variety of women pass my desk as I create their little peg doll portraits.  Each woman has their own story to tell and her own strengths carved from the tapestry of her life experience. Each has a different reason for having their peg doll created. And each peg doll is a celebration of that woman; be it a birthday, mothers day, graduation, becoming a mother, or showing how loved and appreciated they are.

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Each of us is an individual – but together we can be a super power. Happy International Women’s Day my lovelies.

Cwtch ♥ Mawr

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